NBA Rumors: Ranking the Rumors That Are Most Likely to Happen

Stephen Fenech@Fenech2491Correspondent ISeptember 26, 2012

NBA Rumors: Ranking the Rumors That Are Most Likely to Happen

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    With the start of training camp in sight, the rumor mill is starting to churn out handfuls of intriguing tidbits on a daily basis. 

    Playing fact or fiction with rumors is a good way to pass the time, but there is no denying the fact that we miss NBA action. 

    As the offseason winds down, rosters are beginning to solidify, and there shouldn't be any major shake ups prior to training camp. 

    There is no telling as to how the final week of the offseason will affect the start of training camp, but until we finally have real basketball to watch, we will continue to monitor the rumors that swirl around the NBA. 

5. Chris Paul Missing the Regular-Season Opener

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    Chris Paul tore a ligament in his right thumb during Team USA's training camp prior to the Olympics in July and had surgery on that thumb after the Games concluded.  

    At the time, it appeared as if Paul could potentially miss the start of the regular season, but that isn't likely to be the case anymore. 

    According to Arash Markazi of ESPN LA, Paul is going through basketball drills without a protective brace on his thumb and won't miss any regular-season games. In fact, Paul was quoted saying the following:

    Today was the first day they actually allowed me to shoot layups, so today was the best day ever. I hope I get a preseason game in before the season. I probably have to start off the season wearing a brace, but I get to wear the brace less and less. I wear it when I go to sleep, but I'm on track. I go to rehab every single morning at 6:30 a.m.

    This news shouldn't surprise anyone, as Paul is as tough as point guards come. He played through the pain that came with the torn ligament to help Team USA win their second straight Olympic gold, proving once again that he cares deeply about representing American basketball in a positive way.

    Paul is going to throw a few jaw-dropping alley-oops when the Los Angeles Clippers host the Memphis Grizzlies on Halloween. 

4. Stephen Curry Signing an Extension Prior to the Start of the Season

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    When Stephen Curry is able to stay on the court, he is an absolute delight to watch and is a technically sound player. 

    Unfortunately for both Curry and the Golden State Warriors, he hasn't been able to stay on the court consistently due to ankle issues.

    Since being drafted seventh in the 2009 NBA draft, Curry has appeared in 180 games and has averaged 17.5 points and 5.8 assists while shooting 47.3 percent from the field.

    As he enters his fourth season in the NBA, Curry is also entering the final year of his rookie contract and will be a free agent next summer.

    Curry has proved that, barring injury, he is worthy of the lucrative payday that awaits him. 

    Some thought that the Warriors and Curry would try to come to an agreement prior to the season, but that looks rather unlikely at this point. 

    According to Matt Steinmetz of, the Warriors want to see how Curry's ankles hold up in training camp before they begin negotiating his future with the team. 

3. Jose Calderon Isn't Happy in Toronto and Is on the Way Out

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    When the Toronto Raptors traded for Kyle Lowry earlier in the offseason, it marked the end of Jose Calderon's tenure as the team's starting point guard. 

    While Calderon does have excellent court vision—as evidenced by the 8.8 assists per game that he averaged in the 2012 season—he is a liability on the defensive end of the court. 

    Unfortunately for Calderon, defense is emphasized in Dwane Casey's scheme, which puts the 30-year-old point guard behind the eight-ball. 

    Earlier in the offseason, it was rumored and reported by that Calderon wasn't happy in Toronto and wanted to be traded. It makes sense that Calderon wouldn't be happy coming off the bench, especially if he considers himself to be a starting point guard in the NBA.

    Although he may be saying it just to tide things over, Calderon has stated that he is happy in Toronto and wants to win with the organization.

    According to writer Steve Buffery, Calderon said the following about his current situation with the Raptors:

    I’m really happy here. I know during the summer there was a lot of (talk). Everybody was talking about a lot of crazy things that maybe wasn’t ... 100% true. I’m happy here. I’ve been here seven years. I’ve been up and down. We’ve had great years and not (so) great years, and I want to win with this team. So that’s what everything’s about. I want to win with this team.

    Calderon is set to make $10.5 million this season, which may make spending a little more time on the bench look a little better.

    It would be a surprise to see Calderon moved prior to the season, due to his bloated one-year contract. That being said, if a starting point guard goes down with an injury in training camp or at the start of the regular season, Calderon could be acquired as a serviceable replacement. 

2. Rasheed Wallace Is Going to Play for the New York Knicks

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    Rasheed Wallace was drafted way back in 1995, but he didn't play in the NBA during the 2012 season. 

    Although he sat out last season, Wallace's toughness and history of success hasn't been forgotten by coaches and general managers across the league. 

    According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the New York Knicks are interested in signing Wallace for the upcoming season. 

    In Berman's article, Rasheed Wallace's agent, Bill Strickland, said the following about his client:

    He will make this decision on his own. Rasheed’s his own man. This time I’ll be more a facilitator than an advisor. As he’s told me, he’s a grown man and he’s got this.

    If Wallace taught us anything over the span of his 15-year career, it was that he was his own man and did what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it. 

    At this point, the ball is in Wallace's court. If he wants to play for the Knicks for the veteran's minimum, then he has a spot on their team. 

    Rasheed has never been easy to predict, and that isn't likely to change anytime in the near future. 

1. Josh Howard Playing for the Philadelphia 76ers

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    Josh Howard hasn't been the same player since he left the Dallas Mavericks after the 2010 season, but that doesn't mean that he can't be a good role player for a decent team. 

    While Howard isn't the scorer that he used to be, his ability to defined on the wing could help a team over the span of an NBA season. 

    According to John Finger of, the Philadelphia 76ers worked out Howard and are considering signing him to add depth at small forward. 

    In Finger's piece, 76ers GM Tony DiLeo said the following about their roster:

    We do want to add to the wing position. In the Andrew Bynum trade we lost two wing players with Andre Iguodala and Maurice Harkless, so we’re looking at different options at that small forward position and we’ll invite players to camp to see if they fit that role.

    Howard's past production makes him a viable option, as it could be argued that he could come close to regaining that form if presented with the right opportunity. 

    My money is on Howard landing in Philadelphia, as Doug Collins loves having plenty of small forwards on his roster.