10 NBA Players Who Must Revive Their Sinking Careers in 2012-13

Vinny Hardy@http://twitter.com/VinnyHardyCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2012

10 NBA Players Who Must Revive Their Sinking Careers in 2012-13

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    Careers rise and fall for various reasons.

    Guys get injured, get paid and rest on their laurels after receiving huge contracts.

    Father Time may begin to make himself evident. You name it; it happens. Or will happen in the near future.

    Here's a look at some guys who need to get their careers back on track.

Jeff Green

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    Jeff Green's career needs to bounce back for reasons that are completely beyond his control.

    Everything seemed fine, but his career was brought to a screeching halt when he was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm.  

    That's a tough blow for anyone to handle, especially a 25-year-old professional athlete who goes toe-to-toe with the world's best every night.

    Thankfully, it was detected before the start of last season and further potentially fatal dangers were averted.

    Green has a new deal with Boston and a clean bill of health and will be a big factor in how far they go in the East.

Aaron Brooks

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    Aaron Brooks' career isn't exactly sinking per se.  He just got himself locked in during the lockout.

    He spent last season playing in China.  Once he signed, he had to honor the obligation to play overseas.  

    A few short years ago in 2009-10, he averaged 19.6 points and 5.3 assists per game. 

    This season, he'll be back stateside as a member of the Sacramento Kings. 

    His career averages of 12.5 points and 3.6 assists will be more than welcome in Sac-Town. 

Andrew Bogut

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    When healthy, the big fella from Down Under is an effective player.

    He's capable of commanding a double and putting up double doubles.

    But Bogut just hasn't been able to string it together season after season.

    He's missed 130 games over the last four seasons.  Bogut was traded from Milwaukee to Golden State near the end of last season.

    A change of scenery may be just the thing to jump start things in the right direction for him.

Zach Randolph

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    Z-Bo made it back in time to play against the Los Angeles Clippers in the opening round of last year's playoffs, but it was clear that he wasn't fully over the effects of the torn MCL he suffered last January.

    He averaged 13.7 points and 9.9 boards during the seven-game series. Solid numbers but nowhere near the 20.6 points and 11.1 rebounds he's pulled down over the past five seasons.

    When healthy, he and Marc Gasol are a load to handle down low and make the Grizzlies one of the stronger teams in the West.

    Honorable mention goes to Darrell Arthur.  He missed the entire season with a torn ACL and he'll be another key component looking to bounce back and help Memphis' front line.

Rashard Lewis

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    When Rashard Lewis is mentioned, his giant contract is sure to follow.

    Lewis simply did what anyone would have done when offered a large sum of money.

    He accepted it.

    Getting traded to the Wizards is enough to put your career in need of a bounce back in itself. To be fair though, Lewis' scoring numbers had been declining in each of his last three seasons in Orlando.

    Now he's a member of the Miami Heat. 

    He couldn't ask for a better situation.  Dwayne Wade and LeBron James will do all the heavy lifting and relieve all the pressure.

    Lewis just has to show up and play ball.  He's poised to have a nice season.

Andrei Kirilenko

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    Kirilenko's situation is similar to Aaron Brooks'.  

    He spent last season playing in his home country of Russia and will make his return to the NBA as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    His defense and rebounding will be welcomed by Kevin Love.

    Ricky Rubio, also in need of a bounce back, will return from his knee injury in December.

    He will have a great time dropping dimes to Andrei, who's always been a great finisher.

Ben Gordon

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    For proof that a change of scenery may not always help one's numbers, Ben Gordon is the guy.

    In his first five years in Chicago, he averaged between 15 and 20 points per game, with an occasional 40-point outburst.

    He could fill it up.

    Since he's been in Detroit, his scoring has fallen to the 11- to 13-point range and has remained there over the course of his three seasons with the team.

    Situations, roles, and systems all vary from team to team, but it would be nice to see Gordon light it up like he used to.

Chris Kaman

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    In the days before Lob City, when the Clippers were still a laughingstock struggling for any type of respectability, Chris Kaman was toiling away and putting up solid numbers when healthy.

    As recently as 2009-10, he averaged 18.5 points and 9.3 rebounds.  

    Over the last two seasons, he's missed 69 games. Now he's taken his talents to Dallas.  

    As long as he's healthy, he is still more than capable of bringing a lot to the table.

Lamar Odom

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    Lamar Odom has been keeping up with a lot of things lately.

    His marriage, the reality show that came along with said marriage.

    Keeping up with his game while in Dallas wasn't high on his priority list. He averaged 6.6 points per game, the first time he's ever been in single digits for a season.

    He's looking to rebound in 2012-13 with the Los Angeles Clippers.

    I can't help but think of Rick Pitino in this case.  After winning a title at Kentucky in 1996 and finishing runner-up in 1997, he chose to accept the job of running the Boston Celtics.  

    After struggling in Boston, he ran right back to the college game and accepted the job at Louisville. He tried to get as close to Lexington as possible.

    Similarly, Odom, although traded, had a rough time in Dallas and now finds himself traded back to the Clippers where his career began, and as close to Lakerland as he can get. 

    He'll bounce back as well; lowering last season's career lows will be hard to do.

Chris Andersen

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    With the way things ended for the "Birdman" in Denver, another shot would no doubt be something he would appreciate.

    A shot with the defending champs would just be gravy.

    Anderson would land nicely on his feet if this is the case.

    Much like Rashard Lewis, all he would have to do is show up ready to play and go out there and produce when his number was called.