Oklahoma City Thunder Star James Harden Is Winning at Life in Latest Epic Pic

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 20, 2012

Photo Credit: @LollieCakez
Photo Credit: @LollieCakez

James Harden is dominating life, and we have photographic evidence of the drubbing. 

The Basketball Jones captured a moment that will live on in James Harden history as the exact millisecond every man alive wanted to be the bearded NBA star. 

Here is an Instagram pic from Twitter user Lollie:

Just posted a photo instagr.am/p/OhWjScgeRO/

— Lollie (@LollieCakez) August 19, 2012


There is almost too much awesome in this picture. In fact, the good people at FatHead need to take this and make it into a six-foot sticker we can all put on our walls, a daily reminder of what to strive for as human beings. 

How amazing is this picture? Let me count the ways. 

Harden is draped with a lovely lady, sitting among a bevy of other beauties. His shirt is off, which makes sense because no mere piece of apparel can contain this amount of beast mode. 

He is also rocking a hat that is not the least bit ridiculous when you consider he is now the only man that can pull it off. 

The gold chain and bottle of booze top off this delicious dessert of a photo like the whipped cream frosting on your favorite piece of pie. 


Here is a picture of the sweetest ride in boating history, via Privaledge:

You, too, can rent out the luxury liner by visiting their official website and plunking down what we imagine is a bankroll only an NBA stud can afford. At least the quote is free. 

The report issues this is an all-white yacht party that apparently mandated a bring-your-own-awesome to whoever showed up. 

By comparison, here is Kevin Durant on the same party boat, looking positively normal by comparison. No worries; he seems to be doing quite well for himself. 

Picture via @MissIndianModel:

James Harden's Yacht party! All white everythang with @kdtrey5#okc twitter.com/MissIndianMode…

— missindianmodel (@MissIndianModel) August 19, 2012


And then there is John Wall, who was also on the star-studded boat, looking too sad for words:

" Last Nite Wavy " lockerz.com/s/236297980

John Wall (@John_Wall) August 19, 2012


Somebody forgot to hand out Wall his complement of models and expensive bottles of booze. Please send them accordingly. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder may have lost the NBA Finals, but they are dominating the summer. 


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