NBA Rumors: Dispelling the Major Myths of the Moment

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIAugust 13, 2012

NBA Rumors: Dispelling the Major Myths of the Moment

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    It is hard to know what rumors you should believe during the NBA offseason. Even just the slightest whisper can turn into a full-fledged rumor that takes the league by storm.

    Trades, free-agency signings and more are all happening right now, while may potential moves are falling through. The whole Dwight Howard saga is finally finished, but that does not mean there aren't plenty more bits of completely false information floating around out there. Howard’s trade saga supplied a lot of it, but not all of it.

    Many of these rumors will seem to make quite a bit of sense at first glance. They may even seem likely to happen. However, I will show you exactly why each of these should not and will not happen.

Carlos Delfino to the Houston Rockets

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    Carlos Delfino had a great London Olympics, averaging 15.3 points per game on 47 percent shooting for Argentina. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Delfino is a big target of the Houston Rockets right now.

    This is a myth if there has ever been one.

    The idea that Houston would be clamoring to get Delfino doesn't make much sense. The reason is that he plays a position that the Rockets really don't need help at. He is a small forward, and the team already has Chandler Parsons, Terrence Jones, Royce White and Marcus Morris to play that position.

    Moreover, Delfino is not the same player in the NBA as he is internationally. He is arguably the second-best player for Argentina behind Manu Ginobili, while he is an average role player in the NBA. This move does not make sense for Houston and will not happen.

Josh Childress to the Washington Wizards

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    Josh Childress has been a massive disappointment since being selected sixth overall by Atlanta in 2004. A player drafted that high should have at least made an All-Star team, but Childress has never even gotten close. He is a free agent right now after being amnestied by Phoenix, but rumor has it that he could have a new team fairly soon.

    According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Childress has been contacted by the Washington Wizards as a possible option. This would be a terrible pickup for the Wizards, and even though they have made bad decisions in the past, they will not make this one. Childress does not help their team at all.

    Not only is Childress’ lack of success at the NBA level cause for concern, but there is also the fact that the Wizards do not need him. They have plenty of depth at his position in Trevor Ariza, Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton. Even if they added Childress, there is no way he would ever sniff the court. That is why this will not happen.

Gregg Popovich as Next Coach of USA Basketball

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    Gregg Popovich has built a reputation as one of the best coaches in NBA history. His experience coaching international players and his ability to scout them would seem to make him an ideal candidate to take over for Mike Krzyzewski as head coach of Team USA.

    According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Popovich is one of the top candidates to replace Coach K beginning in 2013. This will not come to fruition for a couple of big reasons. While Pop seems like such a great candidate, he is really not the type that would work well with the Dream Team.

    Such a coach needs to be able to relate to any and all players and still command their respect. While Pop would command respect, he would not be able to relate to the players as well as would be necessary. He also does not seem like the type that would want to coach a team like Team USA, full of superstar egos.

    The biggest reason, though, is that Doc Rivers is the other top candidate, and he would be a much better one. Players love and respect him, and he is also a great coach.

Andray Blatche to the San Antonio Spurs

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    Andray Blatche was amnestied by the Washington Wizards after not living up to the big contract he was given there. He is a decent big man, and one would think that he would be drawing considerable interest from multiple teams.

    According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, the San Antonio Spurs are interested in obtaining the big man’s services. This potential move makes absolutely no sense. While it would probably be good for Blatche in the long run, the Spurs do not need him in any way.

    Blatche is a decent power forward, but the Spurs do not need help there. Not only do they have a guy named Tim Duncan filling that role, but they are also one of the deepest teams in the NBA. Duncan, Boris Diaw, Matt Bonner, Tiago Splitter and DeJuan Blair are all available to the Spurs, so it seems unlikely they would seriously want Blatche.

Josh Smith Trade

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    Josh Smith has been mentioned frequently in trade rumors for years now. The Atlanta Hawks have put him on and taken him off the trading block too many times to count.

    According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, Smith could be on the trade block yet again. However, this particular rumor just does not make sense for the Hawks. While it would seem that shipping off Smith might make sense as far as rebuilding goes, it does not, because Smith is potentially the lone star on that roster.

    He is one of the most versatile players in the league, doing a little bit of everything for Atlanta. Getting equal value back for him will be extremely difficult, and such a trade is not worth it if the Hawks cannot get that. They will not be able to, and they will keep him.