LeBron James' Dinner Offer Turned Down by Olympic Swimmer Lauren Perdue

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LeBron James' Dinner Offer Turned Down by Olympic Swimmer Lauren Perdue
Photo Credit: Lauren Perdue Instagram

For the athletes, the Olympics are all about hooking up—unless you are LeBron James

NBA superstar and U.S. Olympic basketball player LeBron James was blocked recently, only it came away from the basketball court and from the diminutive U.S. swimmer Lauren Perdue. 

Perdue tweeted this gem prior to the Games starting, which was retweeted by University of Virginia.


Shortly after, she tweeted this pic off to the masses via Instagram:


Photo Credit: Lauren Perdue Instagram

Inquiring minds want to know what is going down in the Olympic Village, especially as King James is currently engaged to Savannah Brinson, according to The L.A. Times

Perdue did manage to clear some things up with the Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler:

I asked Perdue about it Wednesday. "The basketball players were nice enough to kind of come out and meet the swimmers and take pictures,"...

LeBron did take a liking to Perdue, though, who is a star swimmer at the University of Virginia. So did he really ask her to dinner?

"He did," Perdue said. "He was kind of joking but he was basically like, 'Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?' And I said, 'Um, I'm sorry, I have a curfew. So I turned that one down, yeah."

One more note: Perdue said LeBron was "gracious" and certainly didn't imply that he was asking her to anything other than a meal at the Olympic Village dining hall.

Oh, so he was joking. Move along, nothing to see here then.

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

This could easily be a matter of James passing along a gracious invite to have some dinner with him. Perhaps he was on his way there himself and was going with some other NBA stars. Maybe, just maybe, there were offers to other Olympians and Perdue was the only one to tweet out the implications. 

Of course, this could also be one man having a little crush. We may never know the whole story, making this the greatest mystery in all of Olympic history. 

That's right, of all time. 

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