Shaquille O'Neal Video: Watch Shaq Go HAM on Charles Barkley Pinata

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Shaquille O'Neal is a renaissance comedian, able to capture both awkward humor and slapstick hilarity. The star of the movie Kazaam recently proved as much by devouring a Charles Barkley pinata. 

I will take my tongue from my cheek just long enough to deliver the specifics. 

Monday night featured a San Antonio Spurs blowout at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Shortly after, an innocent pinata modeled after Barkley was ripped to shreds on live television by Shaquille O'Neal—a horrible death, even for a non-living doll with candy for innards. 

KENS 5 in San Antonio reports on the specifics of the pinata. It was apparently a gift given to Barkley from Bridget Smith, host of a local entertainment show. 

The way I see it, the moment was wall-to-wall chuckles and awkward smiles, much like Shaq's entire tenure on Inside the NBA.

It was funny, but the kind of funny that comes from a guy that is trying really, really hard to be funny. Now, don't get me wrong; I love Shaq, but he has been far more awkward on Inside the NBA than he has been funny. 

The roles of all of Shaq's co-hosts during his antics have been set: Kenny Smith will act like he's never seen anything funnier in his life, Ernie Johnson will act surprised while attempting to keep order and the Chuckster will act appalled with a big smirk across his face. 

What do you think? Was this act of pinata destruction hilarious, or just forced? I am eager to hear what you all think. 

Follow me on Twitter and we can discuss proper pinata-destroying techniques. 

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