Floyd Mayweather and the Most Obnoxious Athletes in Sports History

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IMay 5, 2012

Floyd Mayweather and the Most Obnoxious Athletes in Sports History

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    Floyd Mayweather is just the one of many athletes who inspire both praise and utter rage from fans.

    For some reason or another, a number of athletes begin to grate on the nerves of those who watch and listen to them.

    When a lot of sports fans come together to sling mud on an athlete's name, they are tired of that athlete's antics. Here are the top 10 most obnoxious sports figures of all time.

Floyd Mayweather

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    From calling out Manny Pacquiao and accusing him of taking illegal drugs to telling the Filipino to "get off them power pellets" and fight him.

    Mayweather has yet to get into the ring with Pacquiao after over two years of failed negotiations over drug-testing and the money split.

    If Mayweather wants to talk trash, that's fine but he can at least talk more trash about who he's actually fighting than who he isn't.

John McEnroe

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    John McEnroe is undoubtedly one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but his temper tantrums directed at tennis officials have become the stuff of legend.

    "You cannot be serious!" became an iconic phrase that meant the game would be halted as McEnroe walked with slow anger toward the umpire to argue his point.

    As Hawk-Eye technology and modern instant replay is applied during tennis, the McEnroe style of getting angry with every official's decision will hopefully become a thing of the past.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Mr. 85 has changed his last name more times than Elizabeth Taylor has changed husbands. Even the reasoning behind the name change seems somewhat juvenile.

    Ocho cinco is literally just the numbers eight and five in Spanish. He didn't even bother to look up his actual jersey number, 85, in Spanish.

    There was time when he even wanted to change his name to eight and five in Japanese, but he thankfully squashed that idea.

Tonya Harding

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    Any time the President of the United States can make fun of an incident you committed over a decade ago and the audience laughs in recognition, just know you'll never live that moment down.

    Former U.S. Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding will forever be known as the woman behind the 1994 attack on competitor and American sweetheart Nancy Kerrigan.

    Though Kerrigan's knee was injured in the attack, she eventually recovered and was able to continue her career, no thanks to Harding.

    Being a cheater is perhaps the worst act an athlete can commit, especially when it endangers the careers of others.

Terrell Owens

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    Terrell Owens was a colorful character in the NFL, but between the fake suicide attempts and overall whiny behavior, Owens became rather obnoxious.

    His touchdown celebrations became a thing of great divide between fans who loved it and fans who found it disrespectful to the game.

    Owens has recognized that his actions turned some fans into haters and made a rather humorous apology to them.

Metta World Peace

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    Even before changing his name to Metta (Buddhist for love and kindness toward all) World Peace, he has engaged in numerous controversial exchanges.

    From the Pacers-Pistons brawl of 2004 to the more recent elbow to the head of Oklahoma City's James Harden, World Peace is anything but a peaceful character.

LeBron James

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    LeBron James already ripped the heart out of a little town called Cleveland to go be a part of the team of evil super villains that is the Miami Heat, but James has added numerous reasons to dislike him.

    The masses view him as a man who chokes when the pressure's on in the playoffs, even choking as recently as the 2011 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks.

    Whether James will eventually live up to the enormous promise of his youth is still uncertain, but what is certain is the never-ending army of haters he attracts.

Nick Diaz

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    Okay, we get it Nick Diaz. You love your reefer.

    But if Nick Diaz also loves the money he gets from the UFC, he needs to stay clean long enough to compete in a fight without testing for illegal substances such as marijuana.

    Sign the contract, follow the rules and collect the paycheck. That's the way it is, but Diaz has been caught with marijuana in his system twice.

    The second time has cost him a showdown with Georges St. Pierre and a rematch with Carlos Condit. 

Kris Humphries

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    He had a marriage with Kim Kardashian that ended in 72 days. Do I need to go further?

Dennis Rodman

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    From the ever-changing hair that says, "Look at me!" to public wearing of wedding dresses, Rodman is the ultimate craver of attention.

    He set an example for short marriages everywhere when he and Carmen Electra ended their marriage in 1999 after just six months.

    Now he's 50 years old and retired from the Chicago Bulls, but faces thousands of dollars in child support and is battling alcoholism.