7 Dumbest NBA Player Celebrations

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2012

7 Dumbest NBA Player Celebrations

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    The NBA, much like any other sport we enjoy on this wonderfully playful little planet, has many players who like to show off a bit of flair when they or their teammates do something good on the court. 

    Sometimes they celebrate a big play to show off or support a teammate, other times they show off in order to shove it in the face of an opponent and either embarrass them or rile them up.

    Throughout the years, some of the best players have showed off some memorable celebrations, from Shaq's duck walk to Dikembe Mutombo's finger wag, and all have been used to deliver different messages.

    Some of those players become famous for their celebrations, while others are jeered and ridiculed for being too over the top or too flashy with their showing off.

    But, with all the celebrations that players have these days, the only question left is which ones can we do without, that is, which ones are most annoying?

7. Kevin Garnett's Post-Whistle Blocks

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    I'm a fan of the intimidation factor that Kevin Garnett brings when he keeps a ball from going in the basket, but at this point he may be regretting a few of those extra jumps.

    For years, every time an opponent shot a ball after the whistle was blown, he would go up and pluck it out of the air, keeping them from gaining the satisfaction of making a shot.

    However, at this point with his knees ailing and his age catching up to him, I would guess that he'd be willing to take back a few of those jumps if it meant his knees would feel just a little bit better.

    It was a good idea originally, but it lacked forward thinking.

6. Joakim Noah's Gunslinging...From the Bench

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    For the record, I'm a big fan of Joakim Noah's gunslinging dance. It's funny, over-the-top and downright ridiculous, but he tends to only whip it out when it seems more inappropriate than anything.

    Noah will often pull his guns out and fire a few shots into the air while on the bench after one of his teammates makes a big shot.

    However, it seems like the firing of imaginary guns is best suited for the player who actually made the shot, and with Noah and the three-point line getting along like James Dean and Justin Bieber, it's a long shot that he's going to be making any big deep jumpers these days.

5. Vince Carter Rumbles Away

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    Sometimes a celebration is used for intimidation like Dikembe Mutombo's finger wag; other times, it's used for humiliation, like Michael Jordan's shoulder shrug and other times, it's used for comedy, like Shaq's duck walk. However, Vince Carter's motorcycle ride is just that, Vince Carter pretending to ride a motorcycle.

    For some reason, I can't remember Carter driving a motorcycle around the court in his heyday, but for the past few years, whenever he ended up doing something good, he would end up grabbing a hold of the handlebars of his imaginary motorcycle and scooting away.

    Carter's motorcycle trip back down the court seems to be no more than a strange, childish romp around the court.

4. Birdman Flaps His Wings

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    Do you get it? He's pretending to be a bird because his nickname is Birdman. How clever, right? Not quite.

    Sure, his nickname is Birdman and the next logical step would be for him to flap his wings, but really it's almost too logical.

    At some point, he's just taking his nickname too far and would be better off finding another form of celebration to really intimidate or embarrass an opponent.

3. Glen Davis' Tongue Escapes

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    This is possibly one of the creepiest celebrations of a good play in NBA history, and unfortunately, Glen Davis has done it on multiple occasions.

    His creepy tongue waggle seems to be a "bring it on" type of challenge, but when it happens it turns out to be more of an off-putting creepy action than it is actually intimidating or anything near it.

    Davis' tongue waggle seems to be him either cleaning his lips off after a mid-game ice cream sundae or the indication that he's ready to eat again, as he's become hungry since that mid-game sundae.

2. You Can't See DeShawn Stevenson

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    Sure, everybody needs some sort of celebration, but a ripoff of an original celebration isn't exactly the best form of celebrating. Even further, using that celebration in moments that don't really make sense seems even more incredible.

    DeShawn Stevenson routinely waves his hand in front of his own face a la WWE superstar John Cena, but it doesn't really make sense when it all comes down to it.

    Stevenson isn't exactly a superstar player in the league, and most of the time he's not doing things that require celebration, and he's definitely visible the entire time. We can see you, DeShawn; we can see you.

1. Chris Bosh Roars

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    There are some times when it's appropriate to give out an emotional yell on a basketball court, and then there are those times where it just looks forced, awkward and rather annoying. When it comes to Chris Bosh yelping like a raptor, it's about 10 percent the former and 90 percent the latter.

    Chris Bosh screams after a rebound, a block, a mid-range jumper, a gulp of Gatorade, a bathroom break or after being laughed at for screaming like a deranged dinosaur, and that's just in the first half.

    Sure, he gets it right at the end of games when he inevitably screams after Dwyane Wade does something good, but that hardly makes up for the first three quarters of the game when his screaming is desperate and attention-craving.