Samuel L. Jackson to Announce Intros During Chris Paul's Return to New Orleans

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Samuel L. Jackson to Announce Intros During Chris Paul's Return to New Orleans
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When Chris Paul makes his first return to New Orleans this Thursday, things will sound a little different than they did when he was in a Hornets uniform. 

With the Clippers set to take on the Hornets on Thursday night, USA Today is reporting that New Orleans will have actor Samuel L. Jackson do the introductions. Jackson is in New Orleans, shooting the Quentin Tarantino flick "Diango Unchained."

Earlier this season, the Hornets had actor Will Ferrell on hand for intros and they were a good time.

Jackson definitely has the voice to pull off the introductions. Remember his speech from Coach Carter? Yeah, he'll sound great. 

Jackson is also a huge NBA fan who, strangely enough, often roots for the Toronto Raptors. While Jackson is pretty bad ass and this has the potential to be quite enjoyable, he's not the guy who really needs to be announcing NBA starting lineups.

Who would be?

Bill Walton, of course. 

What we really need is to have Walton announcing every starting lineup for every team. Forever. Imagine the possibilities.

If you've listened to Walton call a Kings game recently, you know what I'm talking about. To hear Walton wax poetic about basketball is a real treat.

The man does things like comparing Ray Allen to a river. Because they're beautiful. For real life.

Walton is tops on the list of people who can make you fall even more in love with basketball because of his own love. 

To have him introduce stars like Chris Paul or Blake Griffin when he's allowed and encouraged to be over the top?

Those are the things that dreams are made of.

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