NBA Power Rankings: Teams Set to Stumble After All-Star Break

Alex KayCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2012

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The NBA All-Star break ends today and a number of teams are beginning preparation for games tomorrow.

Many of the older teams in the league took advantage of the break from the long grind of the shortened season this past week, but it only gets harder from here.

Here’s a look at three top teams that will stumble down that stretch.

No. 4 San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are a ridiculous 24-10 so far and many of those wins came without Manu Ginobili in the lineup.

This is a tough team with a ton of veteran experience, but there is no way the Spurs can keep this pace up.

Look for them to cool down towards the end of the season when they already have a top-four seed locked up and coach Gregg Popovich tries to rest his starters for the playoffs.

No. 8 Orlando Magic

The Magic are surprisingly a top-10 team this year despite the odds being stacked against them.

Dwight Howard was supposed to be sulking or traded by now, but he’s putting up some of the best stats of his career.

That could all change if he’s traded by the March 15 deadline or goes into a funk if that date passes and he isn’t moved.

Don’t be surprised if there is an implosion in Orlando.

No. 10 Los Angeles Lakers

It’s obvious this team needs a new small forward and point guard, but getting rid of Pau Gasol would hurt the Lakers even more.

There is a lose-lose situation brewing in LA and there is no way this team can become competitive this season, as it simply isn’t built to win in 2012.

Alex Kay's NBA Power Rankings 2/27

1. Miami Heat  

2. Oklahoma City Thunder 

3. Chicago Bulls 

4. San Antonio Spurs  

5. Dallas Mavericks 

6. Los Angeles Clippers

7. Indiana Pacers

8. Orlando Magic 

9. Philadelphia 76ers

10. Los Angeles Lakers 

11. Memphis Grizzlies

12. New York Knicks

13. Houston Rockets 

14. Atlanta Hawks 

15. Minnesota Timberwolves

16. Portland Trail Blazers

17. Denver Nuggets

18. Boston Celtics

19. Utah Jazz

20. Golden State Warriors

21. Phoenix Suns

22. Detroit Pistons

23. Cleveland Cavaliers

24. Milwaukee Bucks

25. New Orleans Hornets

26. Toronto Raptors

27. New Jersey Nets

28. Sacramento Kings

29. Washington Wizards

30. Charlotte Bobcats 


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