7 Cockiest Players in the NBA

Aliko CarterFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2012

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Sports stars and cockiness often go hand-in-hand, but some players break the mold.

In the NBA, a good amount of cockiness is healthy and sometimes helpful. For example, Michael Jordan rode his legendary cockiness to six championships, five NBA MVP awards and countless other accolades and records. But he’s the GOAT, so we’ll give him a pass for making so many players cry.

In today’s league, there is more exposure thanks to the web, drawn-out trade speculation and free agency frenzies. With so much attention, players start to think they’re more important than they actually are, and they act accordingly. Sometimes it’s comical, but most of the time, it’s annoying.

Countless legendary sound bites have resulted from the increase in arrogance over the years, including, most famously, LeBron’s “Decision.” There’s a tacit enjoyment in hating on the crap these players let come out of their mouths, and who am I to deny you more pleasure?

Here is my list of the seven cockiest players in the NBA. If you have your own list, feel free to comment below.

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