Dwight Howard: A Boston Celtics Fan's Letter to Orlando Magic's Star

Nick Farnsworth@@nfarnswAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2012

Boston Fans Hope Howard Sees The Greatness of The Celtics
Boston Fans Hope Howard Sees The Greatness of The Celtics

Dear Dwight Howard,

I know that Boston is not a city you have placed on your short list of desirable destinations if you were to leave Orlando. Although Boston is not as warm or sunny as Dallas, L.A or Orlando, and isn't as bright as the soon to be "Brooklyn" Nets, it is the destination that has the most storied franchise in NBA history. 

Danny Ainge is more than willing to build the team around you, and we currently have a great piece to help you bring the Celtics back to a championship caliber team. Rajon Rondo is one of the most elite point guards in the league and is proving his worth greatly this year by helping to carry the aging Celtics without much help. 

It is rumored that your reasoning to play for New Jersey is a desire to play alongside Deron Williams, but Rajon Rondo is arguably having a similar if not better year himself.  Rondo is averaging a solid 15 points, 9.4 assists, 5.1 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game while shooting 51.7 percent from the field even with a hobbled team that had a difficult time starting the season.

In comparison to Williams' 18.9 points on 39 percent shooting , 8.6 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 1.1 steals,  Rondo is providing a better overall game for his team and showing a much improved offensive game with a stronger jump shot and a very efficient shooting percentage. 

He may be the best point guard at facilitating the offense for his teammates which will make it easier for you to get the ball where you can easily score and allow you to focus more on defense. Furthermore, Rondo's defensive excellence will only boost your defensive efficiency by disrupting much of the offensive plays and forcing turnovers before the ball even gets inside. At the age of 25, Rondo will continue to improve his game and will be able to perfectly complement your style of play for your entire career. 

Dwight's Defense is Greatly Desired by the Boston Faithful
Dwight's Defense is Greatly Desired by the Boston FaithfulJ. Meric/Getty Images

The Celtics' young reserve players are greatly improving and the team's focus on defense is evident in the way that Avery Bradley is playing. He was able to suffocate your starting point guard and is showing that the Celtics' future will still rely on defense to win games. As the young players mature during this season, you will see that there is still great promise for a championship from this team and the missing part is your presence in the paint. 

Finally the Celtics tradition fits your personality perfectly and it is time that the best defensive player in the league join the best defensive franchise in league history. Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge will put together the best defense in the NBA around you that will contain and greatly diminish the high flying offenses of Miami and Chicago, and will not try to force you to carry the team by yourself.

Not only will the great Celtics currently on the roster, like Paul Pierce, help to bridge the gap between the Big Three era and your destined reign, but Celtics of old, like John Havlicek and Bill Russell, will provide you with the support and advice that will take your game to the next level. 

The Celtics have a great deal to offer you and I believe that once you step into the Boston Garden wearing that green uniform, you will feel a presence you never have before. Next time you come to Boston, stand on the parquet floor and look up at the 17 Banners hanging above you, and the numbers of all the Hall of Famers hanging from the rafters.

Feel the history of the team, the stadium and the fans. Walk the streets and feel the power the team has on this city and everything that the fans will give back to you. Think about the amazing opportunity to show that your defensive skills and all-around game could make you one of the all-time greats that have walked through these doors.

Just give yourself a chance for this great opportunity and at least think about what it would be like to come to Boston and win multiple championships and have your number hanging next to the likes of Bill Russell's, glorified and celebrated forever. 

We look forward to your decision, 

Fans of the Boston Celtics