Ranking the Top 10 Game Winners of the Young 2011-12 NBA Season

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIJanuary 21, 2012

Ranking the Top 10 Game Winners of the Young 2011-12 NBA Season

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    The 2011-12 NBA season has already brought fans a fair share of memorable game winners and ridiculous late game heroics.

    From Derrick Rose's floater over Pau Gasol on Christmas day to Kevin Love's 30-foot dagger against the the "Lob City" Clippers just last night, game winners have been out in full force this season.

    So who's game winner is the best of the season so far?  Is Kevin Love's 30-foot game winner better than Kevin Durant's 30-foot game winner?

    Read on, and you'll find the rankings of the top 10 game winners of the young 2011-12 NBA season, and all of those questions above will be answered.  

10. Chris Bosh's Fade-Away 3-Ball That Led to a 3OT Win Against Hawks (01/05/11)

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    While Chris Bosh's three-point bomb wasn't actually a game winner, it ultimately led to one, which is why it starts off this list.  When you think of players on the Heat's roster who could hit game winning three-pointers, you think of guys like Mike Miller, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Mario Chalmers and James Jones.  

    The one guy you don't think of is Chris Bosh, but with Wade and LeBron on the bench he hit a ridiculous 25-foot fade-away three-pointer to lead the Heat to a third overtime win over the Hawks. 

9. Eric Gordon's Ice Cold Jumper to Seal the Deal Against the Suns (12/26/2011)

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    All Eric Gordon did in his debut with the New Orleans Hornets was score 20 points, shoot 50 percent from the field, and hit the game winner to help the Hornets move to 1-0.  Gordon's 20-foot game winner was so impressive because he created space all by himself, hitting the jumper off a nice hesitation dribble. 

8. Luol Deng's Game Winning Layup Against the Atlanta Hawks (01/03/2012)

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    Luol Deng's game winner is on this list because his layup was the end result of a perfectly drawn up and perfectly executed play.  What's more impressive than Deng's layup was the perfect pass that came from Bull's big man Joakim Noah.  The defense focused on Rose, for good reason, and the Bulls made them play.  Well done Tom Thibodeau, well done.  

7. Dwyane Wade's Pump Fake Against the Charlotte Bobcats (12/28/2011)

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    Dwyane Wade continued to build on his reputation as being the most "clutch" player on the Heat with his game winner against the Bobcats.  While the nine-foot game winner doesn't look as impressive as other shots, like game winning alley-oops or 30-foot daggers, there's no doubt that the angle of the shot and the defense from Gerald Henderson didn't make it easy for Wade.  The best part about the game-winner is the "superman" symbol Wade and LeBron give to Cam Newton at the end of the video.      

Chauncey Billups' Dagger Against the Reigning NBA Champs (1/18/2012)

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    Poor defense Jason Kidd, poor defense.  Jason Kidd forgot that you can't defend three-pointers by going under screens, but either way, Chauncey Billups hit an absolute dagger against the Mavericks and he did so even after shooting a miserable 36.8 percent from the field.  Billups has ice running through his veins, and the Mavericks now know that better than anybody.  

Derek Fisher's High Arcing Game Winner Against the Mavs (1/16/2012)

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    There's just something about Derek Fisher's jump shot that is absolutely mesmerizing.  I think it's the fact that his shot has such a high arc, which adds a lot of anticipation once the ball leaves his fingertips.  

    Even more impressive than Fisher's shot is the fact that Kobe was okay giving up the ball in the final seconds of a tied game.  On a side note, the Mavericks find their way onto this list for a second time on the wrong end of late-game heroics.  Could they be coming up next, too?   

4. Durantula's Ridiculous 3-Point Fade-Away to Beat the Mavericks (12/29/11)

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    Durantula strikes again.  I swear I've seen Durant hit this same kind of shot before in his career.  Anyway, the Mavericks once again are on the wrong end of a game-winner, and this time they have to Kevin Durant's ability to sink 28-foot three-pointers like they're layups.  Durant just makes it look so easy, which is why this shot is so absolutely incredible.    

3. Kevin Love's 30-Foot Game Winner Against Lob City (1/20/2012)

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    Kevin Love's catch and release shot from about 30 feet out was so impressive because he made it look so simple.  Sure, the fact that the Clippers' defense seemed to forget Love was actually on the court helped him out, but it's amazing that a 6'10'', 260 pound power forward can hit game winning three pointers with the best in the league.  Well done, Love, well done.   

2. Dwyane Wade's Game Winner from LeBron Against the T'Wolves (12/30/11)

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    Dwyane Wade's alley-oop game winner from LeBron James was so impressive because the pass from LeBron was actually thrown a little bit behind him.  Either way, the pass from LeBron is almost as impressive as the score by Wade.  I'm pretty sure throwing a 40-foot pass from out-of-bounds, with the game on the line isn't as easy as LeBron made it look.      

1. Derrick Rose's Floater over Gasol and the Lakers (12/25/2012)

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    Derrick Rose's game winning floater over the 7'0'' Pau Gasol is going to be a hard play to top.  I know Rose's shot was absolutely epic, but the steal on Kobe's misguided pass that led to his shot was almost as impressive.  Watching the 6'3'' Rose drive into the paint and elevate over a seven footer just never gets old.  It's going to take something pretty spectacular to top this game winner, that's for sure.