Golden State Warriors: 4 Most Disappointing Players This Season

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJanuary 21, 2012

Golden State Warriors: 4 Most Disappointing Players This Season

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    This year, the Golden State Warriors have beaten the Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls. When you hear this, you would assume that they are an elite team. However, that isn't the case.

    Injuries have plagued guys such as Stephen Curry and Kwame Brown, causing a gap on both the offensive and defensive part of the game—not to mention other key players who were expected to make an impact and have been performing mediocre at best.

    The Warriors are a promising team that has certainly improved on the defensive side this year, but they need to step up their game if they want to make it to the playoffs anytime soon. If the disappointment continues, the strong Warriors fanbase will have to undergo yet another depressing season.

No. 4: Kwame Brown

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    During the beginning of the season, the Warriors were using Kwame Brown as a key big man on defense. He was getting around 20 minutes a game and contributing each and every night on the boards as well. However, a season-ending injury put a halt to Brown's run as a Warrior.

    For those who witnessed the Warriors loss to the Orlando Magic, you see the huge void that needs to be filled. The Warriors had nobody who could stop Dwight Howard, and it cost them the game in the long run.

    Brown was destined to be a key part of Marc Jackson's game plan, but his injury cost him big time. It may not be his fault, but Kwame Brown's season has gone from promising to nothing more than a disappointment.  

No. 3: Klay Thompson

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    I am actually a fan of Thompson. He is young, athletic and, apparently, has unlimited range. However, I don't think he has lived up to the hype surrounding him. His defensive play, or lack thereof, consists of repeated fouls. His offensive play has been good, but not exactly what I expected. Like I said, he is supposed to have unlimited range. However, his three-point play hasn't quite lived up to expectations.

    At just 21 years old (turns 22 on Feb. 8), Klay has a long road ahead of him. He has just 14 games under his belt, and I expect immense improvement throughout the season. Thompson's future does in fact seem bright but, right now, his season has been a bit disappointing. I, for one, hope that Thompson's play can improve on both sides of the ball.

No. 2: Dorell Wright

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    In his first season as a Warrior, Dorell Wright came into his own, leading the league in three-pointers. Many people pointed the finger at the fact that he took a huge amount of shots, but from long range he was .376 percent. Not bad at all for the 26-year-old.

    This season has been a bit different for Wright. From behind the arc, Wright is merely .286 percent and is averaging around 9.0 PPG. After breaking out, Dorell hasn't done much to show that he can play that well on a consistent basis.

    As of recent, Wright has shown flashes of last year's form, but it is still a question of whether or not it will continue. I like Dorell Wright and hope he can be a big part of the Warriors' future, but he needs to pick it up. His season thus far has been nothing more than a disappointing one.

No. 1: Stephen Curry

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    Stephen Curry was expected to be part of the best young backcourt in the NBA with Monta Ellis, but it fell flat pretty quickly. Curry has had a nagging ankle injury for a while now, and it continues to be a problem. Over the offseason, Curry had surgery that was supposed to put a stop to the ankle problem, but that didn't happen. He has already injured it on more than one occasion, and is missing time because of it.

    Curry's absence is a huge reason why the Warriors' record is drowning below .500 percent. His great offensive production was supposed to help the young team make huge strides. However, his ankle has created doubts about his future. Although Nate Robinson has been a great pickup, it is a hard task to replace Curry.

    We all hope that Stephen can get back and make an impact. However, it has yet to be seen if he can stay healthy enough to be a dependable player. Curry can certainly rebound from his rough start but, as of now, he has been a disappointment to the Warriors fanbase thus far.


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    The Warriors are young and are constantly looking to improve. The future is bright for Golden State, but there are still key roles that need to be filled. And if disappointments continue to play a part, there may be more voids than Marc Jackson expected. 

    I hope guys like Dorell Wright and Stephen Curry can pick it up, or else the entire team is destined for failure. After disappointing year after year, the Warriors are trying to become relevant. The great fanbase of Golden State deserves better, and let's hope that we get it. It is just a matter of everyone playing to their full potential.


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