WWE Comparison: Known Heels in Sports

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IJanuary 20, 2012

WWE Comparison: Known Heels in Sports

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    In wrestling, a heel is someone who the fans hate because of the way they act. In sports, there are athletes who most fans hate and can't stand.

    A heel, in the wrestling dictionary, is the person who plays the role of a "bad guy," as opposed to a baby face, who plays the role of a "good guy." A heel is not only a person who fights dirty, a heel is someone who is a coward, who yells at the officials, who disrespects the fans and generally just acts like a complete jerk.

    Does it not sound like there are a lot of athletes you are already thinking about who fit this mold? Keep reading to find out which athletes are heels and who their WWE counterparts are. 



David Stern: John Laurinaitis

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    David Stern is the commissioner of the NBA and John Laurinaitis is the "Vice President of talent relations and the interim Raw General Manager" for the WWE. 

    Most wrestling fans might be asking, "Why did he not put Vince McMahon as a comparison to David Stern—they both have the same power!" The reason I did not do that is because Vince McMahon makes better overall decisions and has been and is still loved by the fans.

    The reason McMahon got most of his heat was because of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Montreal Screwjob. Vince McMahon is quite often a fan favorite, but there was a great chunk of his career where people hated him.

    On the other hand, everyone hates John Laurinaitis for plenty of reasons. His voice is extremely rough and annoying, he has a face that screams, "PUNCH ME," and he is causing pain to some of the most notorious people in the WWE, such as CM Punk.

    David Stern is hated for those same reasons, along with the fact that he is a liar, tyrant and moron, and he screwed one of the most notorious teams in the NBA recently, the Los Angeles Lakers

    Both of these men are hated by most, if not every fan in the their respective associations. 

    Side Note: Doesn't it seem like David Stern's picture in this slide says, "PUNCH ME"?

James Harrison: R-Truth

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    James Harrison and R-Truth would most likely share a looney bin together if it weren't for their athletic abilities. 

    James Harrison is the R-Truth of sports for one big reason: He is crazy. James Harrison is not crazy in the way that he is crazy talented, he is crazy in the way that he is just Webster's definition of crazy.

    R-Truth is the same way, very, very crazy. Crazy people are usually heels because their "craziness" makes them hurt anyone in their way the same way R-Truth and James Harrison do. 

    R-Truth has been on the record to call out a faux WWE conspiracy for months. R-Truth also talks to himself and his made up friends. R-Truth created this thing in his mind where every kid is a "Little Jimmy." 

    James Harrison, on the other, did not visit the White House, because the invitation from President Barack Obama would not have come if he did not win the Superbowl—he wanted to be invited for another reason. James Harrison also tried to behead Joshua Cribbs of the Browns, but then claimed that Roger Goodell (commissioner of the NFL) has something against him, and that is why he was being suspended.

    Sounds a lot like the makings of a conspiracy claim. James Harrison also said that if Roger Goodell was on fire he would not "pee on him to put the fire out"—harsh words by a crazy man. 

    Side note: If these two were in a loony bin together, I think R-Truth would enjoy the fact that he is sharing a bin with "A Big Jimmy."

Ndamukong Suh: Mark Henry

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    Somebody going to get their a** kicked, somebody going to get their wig split. 

    Ndamukong Suh is the newest heel in the NFL. Suh has been taking cheap shots at players ever since he got in the league. Most recently, Ndamukong Suh stomped on a member of the Packers offensive line, Chad Clifton, for no apparent reason. One of the most heel-ish things he has done was taunt Matt Ryan (allegedly, but based on his track record, it's hard to not believe it) after Ryan got injured during a game against Suh and his Lions.

    Suh is big, nasty and can probably destroy anyone in the NFL if they come near him. 

    Mark Henry is a strong, deadly, monstrous, a** beating heel. Henry is so strong and powerful that he put Kane and Big Show, two of the biggest and strongest wrestlers in the WWE, out of action for months. 

    The difference between Suh and Henry is the fact that Henry used to be called "sexual chocolate" and was all over the ladies. Much is not known about Suh's life outside of the NFL, but modern day Henry and Suh are like brothers in arms. 

Philip Rivers: Chris Jericho

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    Is there anyone as annoying in the NFL as Philip Rivers? And is there anyone as annoying in the WWE as Chris Jericho? Maybe the Miz, but for the sake of this comparison, let's just say Jericho is the most annoying. 

    Chris Jericho is one of the best heels, if not the best heel in WWE history, but he is a different type of heel. Jericho is the one who will cry to the referee, fake an injury, lie to the fans, claim he is better than the fans and threaten to beat up Bob Barker.

    Doesn't Rivers picture above just remind you of something Chris Jericho would do? 

    Philip Rivers is one of the most annoying and hated players in the NFL. Rivers is talented, like Jericho, but definitely not on the same level as Jericho in their respective leagues. Rivers barks at the fans when he is winning or losing, complains to officials, talks smack to opposing QB's and acts and plays like he is God's Gift to the sport. 

    Both Jericho and Rivers are loud, annoying and obnoxious, but nothing is as synonymous with loud, annoying and obnoxious as the next two people. 


    Philip Rivers' Most Heel Moment

Kris Humphries: The Miz

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    What do Kris Humphries' ex-wife Kim Kardashian and the Miz have in common? Loud, annoying and obnoxious. 

    What do the Miz and Kris Humphries have in common? Both of them are known because of reality television.

    The Miz had his big break with the Real World more than 10 years ago and since has become the most hated wrestler and biggest heel in the WWE. The Miz is a coward, a phony and a pretty boy who should not be beating anyone up in a WWE ring.

    Kris Humphries is well known because of his 72-day marriage with Kim Kardashian. Kris and Kim got married this summer, and before the NBA season started, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got divorced.

    This news was so big that the media started to forget about Kobe and LeBron and focused more on Kris Humphries. We are talking about a 10-point, 10-rebound player at best—maybe this is why he was voted the most hated player in the NBA. 

    The difference between these two is the fact that the Miz is actually awesome and that Kris Humphries is not at all, whatsoever. Kris Humphries is the sports version of the Miz for these reasons, thus making him a heel in sports, the same way the Miz is a heel in the WWE. 

Kobe Bryant: Triple H

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    There was a time when everyone hated Triple H. There was also a time when everyone hated Kobe Bryant. Currently, Kobe is the third most hated player in the NBA according to a Nielsen report, the same one that reported Kris Humphries was the most hated in the NBA. 

    Triple H used to be a major heel, one who would bash on opposing wrestlers and destroy everyone in his way with his patented sledgehammer. When Triple H was younger, every WWE fan used to hate him because of the pain he put The Rock and Stone Cold through. Triple H is now more of a face and has been playing a more mature role in the WWE as a COO. 

    Kobe Bryant used to be a major heel as well. The world hated Kobe when he (allegedly) drove Shaquille O'Neal out of Los Angeles. The pain Kobe put Shaquille O'Neal through is similar to what Triple H put the Rock through. Kobe also has become more mature over the years and is now not as cocky and not as big of an a-hole as he once used to be. 

    Kobe is the Triple H of sports because he has been hated and loved the way HHH has and because Kobe has seen similar success to Triple H's over his NBA career even with the hate. Kobe does not always play by the rules, and neither does Triple H. 

LeBron James: Hulk Hogan

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    This slide should just be represented by the video I am going to post, but what kind of writer would I be if I did not give an explanation for my opinion? 

    LeBron walked out on Cleveland when he noticed others were more powerful than his group, just like the way that Hogan walked out on the fans in WCW when he realized that there was a more powerful and stronger group to join.

    LeBron was the most loved player not only in the NBA, but in all sports. Hogan was the most loved wrestler not only in the WCW, but in all wrestling avenues. In the blink of an eye they both turned heel and became the most hated people in their leagues. LeBron turned heel via  "The Decision," and Hogan did it in 1996 at WCW's Bash at the Beach.

    After you watch this video below, you will understand why Hogan and LeBron are so similar: 


Brett Favre: Ric Flair

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    Brett Favre is a heel, plain and simple, and Ric Flair is the biggest and best heel in wrestling history. 

    Brett Favre cried in front of the media when he retired as a Green Bay Packer, then he came out of retirement and wanted to start instead of current All-Pro QB Aaron Rodgers— before he became an All-Pro, of course. Favre than demanded a trade and was traded to the New York Jets. Favre then retired and came back after he was released by the Jets and was traded to the Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers' biggest rivals. 

    Ric Flair cried in front of the fans and the whole WWE when he lost to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24, forcing him to retire. Flair then came back to the WWE to fight but was not really wanted anymore because he was getting very old. Ric Flair got stale, so he decided to wrestle with WWE's biggest (and let's be honest, their only) rival, TNA.

    Both of these men seem like they will never go away. Favre will always be linked to a team who is in need of a QB for a playoff run, and Flair will always be in the news as a wrestler in some sort of wrestling division. 

    Heel Defining Moments for Brett Favre: 

    Brett Favre Crying 


    Brett Favre getting booed by the fans in Lambeau


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    It is obvious that there are a lot of heels in sports, and most of them have counterparts in the WWE.

    Who is the biggest heel in all of sports you ask? Who do you think? 

    David Stern is the worst and gets the most heat out of all of these mentioned. If Stern walked down the ramp in a WWE facility, every single fan at home and in the stadium would boo him.

    Who do you think is the biggest heel in sports?

    If anyone thinks that there are some comparisons that were not mentioned or disagrees with some of them, then please leave your comments below. 


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