NBA and Rock and Roll: Comparing Every NBA Team to a Famous Rock Band

Matt JonesAnalyst IJuly 26, 2011

NBA and Rock and Roll: Comparing Every NBA Team to a Famous Rock Band

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    Music and sports have always gone together.

    Just think of the theme songs to the NBA on NBC, ESPN SportsCenter, or the lead-in song to the Olympic broadcasts.

    High school and college teams usually have a full band at games, and each school has a fight song.

    Some professional teams have bands too, and music is played before and after the game, and during just about every time out.

    Imagine attending a sporting event with no music. It just would not be the same.

    Rock and roll music plays a big role in the NBA. Every arena in the league has played rock songs for many years to enhance the experience and fire up the fans.

    One can almost always hear songs like "Eye of the Tiger," "Welcome to the Jungle," or "Thunderkiss '65" to get the fans and players pumped up for the big game. Usually they are fast-paced songs that everybody knows.

    Due to the connection to the NBA and music, the following slides will compare each NBA team to a famous rock band.

    I am sure that this list could be made of every genre of music, and that there are thousands of other bands that may be a good fit. Great bands were left off the list, and there is no way I am going to please everyone.

    I do welcome a respectful discussion. If you have a suggestion, or can think of another way that a band or a song fits, please let me know. 

    Chris Johstoneaux is a featured columnist on Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @JazzRSLExaminer.

Atlanta Hawks: The Black Crowes

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    Not only are the band and the team each known by bird names, both are from Atlanta.

    During most of the last 30 years, being a Hawks fan been a bit "Hard to Handle."

    Even in the days of the human highlight film Dominique Wilkins, the Hawks never made it to the conference finals in the playoffs. The Three Snakes and One Charm combination of players they had never quite got it done.

    In 2002, The Black Crowes took a hiatus from the rock world. At that same time, the Hawks seemed to take a hiatus from basketball, enduring some of the worst seasons in team history.

    After drafting and trading away Jason Terry and Pau Gasol, the team found itself "Jealous Again" when it passed on point guards Deron Williams and Chris Paul in favor of Marvin Williams.

    After that huge draft mistake in 2005, Hawks executives were left asking "Could I've Been So Blind."

    When the lockout is finally over, the Hawks hope that their sixth man Jamal Crawford does not talk to Angels and leave for the Lakers.

    The team is still searching for a "Remedy" that will help it succeed in the Eastern Conference.

Boston Celtics: The Beatles

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    The Boston Celtics are one of the two original NBA teams still in the league that are in the same city they started in. The other is the Knicks.

    It is no secret that Boston is the most successful franchise in the league with 17 championships that span the last 65 years. This has caused fans to "Twist and Shout" over their success for decades.

    Similarly, the Beatles are widely regarded as the most successful in rock history and one of the bands that helped make rock and roll what it is today.

    They have won every award imaginable.

    Both the team and the band found the most success in the '60s. The Celtics won the title every year of that decade.

    For both, the winning combination seemed to be the creation of a fab four, something the Celtics have done on three separate occasions. When you find team chemistry like this, you have to just "Let it Be."

    In the '60s it was Russell, Cousy, Havlicek and K.C. Jones

    In the '80's Bird, McHale, Parish and Dennis Johnson made up that group, and most recently it has been Garnett, Allen, Pierce and Rajon Rondo.

    Despite the "Helter Skelter" days after Larry Bird retired, following the Boston Celtics has definitely been a Magical Mystery Tour.

Charlotte Bobcats: The Who

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    After being joining the league just seven years ago, the Charlotte Bobcats are often the most forgotten team in the league.

    For Western Conference teams who only face them twice a season, many fans are left asking "Who Are You" when they come to town.

    Perhaps the biggest moment for the Bobcats was when they drafted Adam Morrison from Gonzaga in the 2006 NBA draft.

    Even though he had a great career in college, Morrison turned to be a bust and is probably more of a "Pinball Wizard" than a basketball player.

    One thing is for certain: The Bobcats "Won't Get Fooled Again" by another player in the draft.

    After picking up Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo this year, Bobcat fans hope that they have figured out Who's Better Who's Best, and next year they can avoid the "Summertime Blues."

Chicago Bulls: Poison

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    During the 1990s, the Chicago Bulls were unstoppable.

    With the Michael Jordan-led teams that won six championships, Bulls fans had "Nothin' But a Good Time."

    After Jordan retired, the Bulls struggled for several years and at times fans could say, in terms of the quality of play, Look What the Cat Dragged In.

    While it did take a few years, the team finally realized that the Jordan days were over, and "Life Goes On."

    The Bulls were able to win the NBA draft lottery and draft a player who represented "Something to Believe In" for the team, the fans and the franchise.

    With the addition of Derrick Rose, the Bulls are once again close to the top. They should continue to challenge the best teams in the Eastern Conference and are capable of winning a championship with the team that they have.

    Other teams in the league are just hoping that for last season's MVP, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," and he will not be as dominant has he was last year.

    If Rose continues to play the way that he did last year, he could challenge Jordan for the "Best Thing You Ever Had" in Chicago.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Def Leppard

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    After all of the Hysteria surrounding the departure of LeBron James, Cleveland fans were left saying "Gunter glieben glauben globen."

    With the burning of his jerseys, Cavalier fans nearly started a "Run Riot."

    Def Leppard is one of the most popular rock bands of the '80s and early '90s.

    They exploded onto the scene with Pyromania and followed it up with their most famous song, "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

    During that time the Cavaliers had some success, made the playoffs a few times, but never did anything special.

    It wasn't until James arrived that they really did well, but now fans wonder if it is better to just "Armageddon It" and "Ride into the Sun."

    Following the NBA draft early this summer, Cleveland fans have new hope with the addition of Kyrie Irving. He should be a good player for the team in the future, but unlike the amazing drummer for Def Leppard, he will not be able to do it single-handedly.

    He is going to need some help to get the team to avoid being "Two Steps Behind."

    The biggest lesson learned with the whole James situation is that "Love Bites" and that "Action, Not Words" are the most important things.

Dallas Mavericks: Scorpions

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    The comparison for the Mavericks could easily be Queen and "We Are the Champions", but it was too easy.

    This match is made up of the best basketball player and greatest rock band ever to come from Germany.

    The Scorpions have quietly produced hit after hit and have been a major player in the rock world for years.

    Dirk Nowitzki not only led his team to the NBA title this year, he helped bring the "Wind of Change" to the league that saw a new champion this season. It was good to see a franchise win its first championship instead of watching a team merely add another to its collection.

    Against the mighty Miami Heat, Nowitzki and the Mavericks were able to "Rock You (the Heat) Like a Hurricane."

    For the Mavericks, there is truly "No One Like You," Dirk.

Denver Nuggets: Motley Crue

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    Following the desperate trade to get something back for Carmelo Anthony, the Denver Nuggets were left with a Motley Crue of players.

    While they did do a good job without Anthony, Nuggets fans hope that things do not return to the "Same Ol' Situation" they had before Anthony arrived.

    They have a good opportunity to change the face of the franchise without a superstar player. If they sign their free agents and can make a key trade or two, they will be in good shape.

    Obviously for the Nuggets, it is "Time for Change" and they can find a player that will be the new "Dr. Feelgood."

    If it doesn't work out, at least Chris Anderson can always get a "New Tattoo."

Detroit Pistons: Kid Rock

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    Michigan native and Detroit Pistons fan Kid Rock is the perfect fit for the Pistons.

    This once proud franchise that has 40 playoff appearances and three championships has fallen on hard times lately.They have tried a little bit of everything to regain the glory days of past championships.

    Kid Rock seems to be no stranger to hard times, and he has tried a little of everything in his career. He has tried rap, rock and country to hit it big.

    After another tough season, Piston fans were left saying "Bawitdaba" over the direction the team was headed. At this point, they might even look for a "Cowboy" or a Devil Without a Cause to help them out.

    One thing is for certain: No matter how tough times get for Kid Rock, he can always go back and say that he was married to Pamela Anderson.

    No matter how tough they get for the Pistons, they can go back to the championship years to feel better about themselves.

Golden State Warriors: Grateful Dead

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    During the 1974-75 season, the Golden State Warriors found themselves "Sitting on Top of the World."

    They won the third of three championships that season behind the play of Rick Barry. Since that time it has been a long, strange trip for the Warriors.

    Both the team and the band are known for doing things their own way.

    The Grateful Dead, who were at the height of popularity in the '70s, made their own type of music, performed in non-traditional ways and allowed fans to record their concerts.

    Especially evident during the Don Nelson era, the Warriors were content with chucking up shot after shot and playing at a tempo that was faster and different than other teams in the league.

    Many thought they would not be able to keep up with the fast pace, but they just keep "Truckin."

    Perhaps new head coach Mark Jackson will be able to help this team return to success.

    One thing that we must remember here is that "Tomorrow Never Knows."

Houston Rockets: Elton John

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    In 1994 Elton John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That happens to be the same year that the Houston Rockets won the NBA Championship.

    With the recent announcement of Yao Ming's retirement, the Rockets can now say Goodbye Yellow Brick Road that leads to the championship.

    While the Rockets did pick up some good player in the draft, fans can only hope that the "Circle of Life" continues and that one of them can be an impact player like Yao once was.

    If that happens, the Rockets will once again become relevant instead of just becoming a "Candle in the Wind."

Indiana Pacers: John Cougar Mellencamp

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    Even though it is a great story, I will spare you the little ditty about Jack and Diane.

    Instead, let's talk about a team from a "Small Town," or at least a small market: the Indiana Pacers.

    After making the jump from the ABA where they won three titles, the Pacers have only returned to the finals one time, but did not win.

    If the Pacers continue to play how they have lately, perhaps it will get No Better Than This for the franchise.

    Comparing the Pacers to John Mellencamp is easy here. Mellencamp is the All-American boy born in Indiana. The Pacers are the All-American team based in the Hoosier state where basketball is everything.

    Being a Pacer fan has not always been easy, and at times it "Hurts So Good." The Pacers had a good thing going with Reggie Miller when they got so close to winning the title and getting the little "Pink Houses" for everyone. 

    Hopefully they can continue work with the young players they have to put things together and be successful.


Los Angeles Clippers: Journey

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    The Los Angeles Clippers have been on the strangest Journey of any team in the NBA. Unfortunately for the team, it is known for consistently being one of the worst teams in the league.

    In 41 seasons, the Clippers have made the playoffs seven times and have never won more than 47 games in any one season. Maybe it is just bad luck, and maybe it is "Karma."

    As the team takes a Look into the Future, it does look like it is not "Too Late" to turn things around, but it will take some "Lady Luck."

    When he was drafted, Blake Griffin was welcomed to the team with "Open Arms," and he did not disappoint. After the season he had, Clipper fans, coaches and management are sure to tell him that he can have things "Any Way You Want It."

    The Clippers do have a big job ahead of them though to bring in players that will keep Griffin happy before his rookie contract ends. If he were to say "I'm Gonna Leave You" to the team, it would be another devastating blow.

    For now the best advice for Clipper fans is "Don't Stop Believin'."

    It can't get any worse than it has been for them, can it?

Los Angeles Lakers: Led Zeppelin

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    The Los Angeles Lakers can be compared to one of the most influential and popular bands of all time,  Led Zeppelin.

    When one thinks of "rock and roll" they think of Led Zeppelin; when they think of basketball they think of the Lakers.

    Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham are some of the best musicians the world has seen.

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain are four of the best players the Lakers and the NBA have ever seen. The list of great Lakers players does come close to ending there.

    Not only have they won the NBA Championship 16 times, they have had some of the best players the NBA has seen. It seems like whenever a star players goes, "The Song Remains the Same" for the Lakers and they just move to the next All-Star.

    Led Zeppelin once sang about "Going to California," which is exactly what the Lakers did in 1960, where they have dominated the league ever since.

    The success that the Lakers has left other in the league "Dazed and Confused" and saying "Hey Hey What Can I Do?"

    The Lakers and the Celtics are the two most successful teams in the NBA, and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin are the two most famous bands in the rock and roll world.

Memphis Grizzlies: B.B. King

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    Alright, calm down.

    I know that B.B. King is the actually the best blues artist in history, but he was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

    This was eight years before the Grizzlies franchise joined the league in 1995.

    I also understand that Elvis Presley is the obvious choice for all things Memphis, but the Grizzlies are not good enough yet to be compared to him.

    They did have a great year last season and surprised the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs. They were able to Let the Good Times Roll, but they have a lot of work to do in order to draw a comparison with Elvis.

    For the first eight seasons of the franchise, they were terrible and ended each season Singin' the Blues.

    This season was different, however, and they ended the season on a high note that fans hope will last for at least "Ten Long Years."

Miami Heat: Van Halen

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    There is not another team in the league that has endured more criticism than the Miami Heat over the last year.

    With the arrival of LeBron James and Chris Bosh, many in the league expected them to win the title. It did not turn out that way as they had a hard time finding the Balance needed to play together.

    Not being able to decide which of the three players is the true superstar is similar to Van Halen not being able to decide which lead singer to go with. Three players and three lead singers make this a good match.

    Prior to the season many expected the Heat to dominate the league, but the offensive "Eruption" never came. The Heat struggled at first but did get on track.

    Heat fans thought that they would be "Dancing in the Streets" following the NBA Finals, but when the Mavericks sent them packing, all they could sing was "Happy Trails" and they were left to "Dream Another Dream."

    They will now have to endure some long "Summer Nights."

    Unlike Van Halen who has always changed band members, the big three of the Heat should be together for a while. It is only a matter of time until they experience the "Best of Both Worlds" and win a few championships.  

Milwaukee Bucks: AC/DC

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    Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut is responsible for this comparison.

    He is the best Australian player ever to play in the NBA and AC/DC is the best rock band to come from down under.

    In 1973, a few years after the Bucks won their only NBA Championship, AC/DC was formed.  

    Over the last 20 years the Bucks have had some ups and downs, but have been on the Highway to Hell in NBA terms and have not won more than 50 games in any single season.

    The Bucks did see some new light with Michael Redd who was supposed to help the franchise. Unfortunately he has battled injuries, and his "Shoot to Thrill" style of play has been on the bench.

    Now the big question remaining for the Bucks is whether or not they made the right decision on draft night to trade away Jimmer Fredette.

    Hopefully the move does not blow up on them like T.N.T. and the Bucks can get "Back in Black" in the win column.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Tesla

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    After picking up Derrick Williams in this years NBA draft, The "Signs" of an improved team are everywhere. After two seasons of fewer than 20 wins, things can't get any worse. 

    The reason that Tesla fits with the Timberwolves is simple. It is all about Kevin Love.

    For the team and the franchise, "Love is all around you...Love is gonna find a way..."

    "Love Song" was the band's most famous power ballad in 1989, the same year that the Timberwolves joined the league. Since that time, the song has performed better than the team has.

    With the addition of Williams, it gives the team a good chance to improve and get on "Heaven's Trail" back to the playoffs.

    Hopefully for the Timberwolves, "Yesterdaze Gone" and the team can make Minnesota an NBA "Paradise" before the "Party's Over."

New Jersey Nets: Bon Jovi

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    Bon Jovi was formed in the early '80s in New Jersey. Since that time, the band has been more successful than the team.

    The Nets did win two championships in the ABA but have not been able to win one in the NBA. They have lost in the finals twice.

    After spending most of last season "Livin' on a Prayer" that the Nets would be able to sign or trade for Carmelo Anthony, fans ended up with the consolation prize of Deron Williams who is on his way to play in Turkey.

    They hope he will "Never Say Goodbye" and they can begin to build a good team around him.

    Despite being bad over the last few years, fans are trying to Keep the Faith that the team will return to the playoffs.

    I am not sure they can take much more "Bad Medicine."

New Orleans Hornets: Dire Straits

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    With the state of the New Orleans Hornets, this comparison speaks for itself.

    After being taken over by the league, and being one of the struggling franchises that led to the lockout, things have only gotten worse for the Hornets. They now face the possibility of losing Chris Paul and David West, leaving them a handful of role players who they may end up paying "Money for Nothing."

    While some fans want to take the approach of "Why Worry," others are thinking that the NBA could relocate this team.

    Losing a second NBA team would not be good for the city of New Orleans, but maybe this is just the "Walk of Life" for them.

    Hopefully Chris Paul and David West are not "Brothers In Arms" and at least one of them stays with the team.

New York Knicks: The Doors

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    The last time Spike Lee saw a championship team in New York was also the last year that the Doors were together as a band, hanging on for a couple of years after Jim Morrison died in 1971.

    Over the last several years, things have been bad for the Knicks who have endured many Strange Days.

    During that time fans didn't know it, but they were Waiting For the Sun, who arrived in the form of Amare Stoudemire and helped them make the playoffs this season.

    They also traded for Carmelo Anthony in the middle of the season and fans hope that for the team he can "Light My Fire."

    Hopefully for the Knicks, the moves that they have made can change the idea that if you end up playing in New York, No One Here Gets Out Alive.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Nirvana

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder and Nirvana both trace their roots to the Seattle area.

    Previously known as the Seattle Supersonics, Oklahoma City invited the Sonics to "Come as You Are" and form a new team in their city.  

    Like the team, Nirvana was successful until the unexpected death of lead singer Kurt Cobain. The Supersonics died in Seattle and were moved to what the owners thought was a better location.

    Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was able to continue on to success with other bands and projects of his own.

    The Thunder have found success with the young players they have. Led by Kevin Durant, much of the attitude and success of the team "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and they are going to be a tough team to match up with for years.

Orlando Magic: Three Doors Down

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    The Orland Magic have Superman, Three Doors Down has the "Kryptonite."

    The big story for the Magic in the upcoming season is whether or not they can keep Dwight Howard Away From the Sun(s) and the other teams in the league and resign their franchise player.

    They will have to make sure that he does not feel that he will have The Better Life with another team, and may need to add some other star players to keep Howard around.

    If the Magic are unable to keep Howard the team will certainly be "Going Down in Flames," and fans will be left "Here Without You."

    If Howard decides to stick around and says that "It's Not My Time" to leave the team, this will be "Where My Christmas Lives" for Magic fans everywhere.

    The Orlando Magic and its fans hope that Superman is strong enough to overcome the "Kryptonite" draw of other teams in the league and that he will be their "Citizen/Soldier" for a long time to come.

Philadelphia 76ers: Counting Crows

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    The big question that the Philadelphia 76ers ask to the rest of the NBA is "Have You Seen Me Lately?"

    Unfortunately for a team that has not been that good since Allen Iverson left them, the answer is no.

    While they have made the playoffs a couple of times and have been "Hanginaround" in a weak Eastern Conference, the only time they have been above .500, it was by just a few games.

    One other thing that the team must address is what they should do with Andre Igoudala. Many have suggested that he be traded away. Maybe the 76ers can get a good deal for him from "Miami" or one of the teams in "Los Angeles."

    Like other teams, the 76ers look forward to this August and Everything After and hope that the league can end the lockout in time to play. They have a talented group of young guys who are ready to "Catapult" the team to success.

    They hope to avoid another "Long December" that leads them out of the playoff chase.

Phoenix Suns: The Eagles

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    The Phoenix Suns and the Eagles are another pair that began in the same time period and have been successful.

    While they have not won an NBA title, they have made the playoffs in 29 of their 43 seasons.

    The Eagles formed in 1971 and went on to be one of the most successful bands of the '70s.

    Even though "I Can't Tell You Why," the Suns have always seemed to find a way to stay successful and in contention in the league. Perhaps it is their ability to adjust to different styles of play.

    They have showed that they can play a traditional half-court offense, or the "Life in the Fast Lane" style they played under Mike D'Antoni.

    For next season, Suns fans are hoping that they can find the winning combination and win a title before Hell Freezes Over.

    They will just need to "Take It Easy" and see what happens.

Portland Trailblazers: Ozzy Osbourne

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    Ozzy Osbourne and the Portland Trailblazers both began about the same time.

    Ozzy started his career in 1968 with Black Sabbath, and the Trailblazers joined the NBA in 1970.

    Since that time, both have been successful, both have done things their own way and both have been very noticeable in the NBA and in the music world—for good and for bad.

    After six difficult seasons, the Trailblazers won their only NBA Championship in 1977. Led by NBA wild man Bill Walton, whose career was cut short by injuries, the team became the "Killer of Giants" by beating Dr. J. and the 76ers.

    Since that time they have been a successful franchise overall and fans have shed "No More Tears."

    The Trailblazers are not without their struggles, though. They have fought through several injuries to key players over the last few years. Despite the injuries, they have found a way to avoid getting on "The Road to Nowhere," and have continued to make a "Believer" out fans.

    The future is bright for Portland, especially if it can get Greg Oden and Brandon Roy back on the court together.

    If it can do that, it will be "Flying High Again."

Sacramento Kings: Cinderella

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    Unfortunately for the Sacramento Kings, their best days are behind them. The same can be said for '80s glam-band Cinderella.

    The Kings have had only a few really good seasons, and Cinderella had only a few really good songs.

    Gone are the Chris Webber, White Chocolate, the Bench Mob and Vlade Divac's flopping. There is a new team in Sacramento that so far has only led to a Long Cold Winter each season for King's fans.

    Hopefully the Kings can get its "Second Wind" and will not have to head down the "Gypsy Road" to another city.

    At the end of the last season it was uncertain if the Kings would stay in town or leave to Southern California.

    After drafting NCAA Player of the Year Jimmer Fredette, the Kings hope that he will help them avoid Heartbreak Station.

    I just hope that the Kings do not move the team looking for something bigger and better. Remember, all too often in life, you "Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone)."

San Antonia Spurs: Aerosmith

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    Aerosmith is the best-selling American rock band in history, and Tim Duncan is the best power forward to play the game.

    Both the band and the team have had some ups and downs. For the band, it was due to addictions and problems that kept it from recording for several years. Once the musicians got sober, they have been great since.

    For the Spurs, after finding themselves between a Rock In a Hard Place they struck gold and drafted Tim Duncan, a move which put them "Back in the Saddle Again."

    Duncan has led them to several NBA Championships and keeps coming back strong. Some wonder when he will slow down and how he continues to be successful. Maybe it is Done With Mirrors, or he does a good job of getting the young guys to "Walk This Way."

    Either way, the Spurs have figured out "What It Takes" to succeed in the league. Other teams just wish that Duncan would retire and take a Permanent Vacation from the league.

Toronto Raptors: Rush

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    Rush is easily the best rock band to come from Canada, and the Raptors are the best NBA team there. They are also the only NBA team in that country.

    To their credit, they have lasted longer in Canada than the Vancouver Grizzlies did.

    There are only a handful of NBA teams that have played fewer seasons than Rush has albums. By the time the Raptors joined the league in 1996, Rush had already recorded 16 studio albums.

    Rush has only three members in the band and the Raptors have only three players that have played seven seasons for the team. They are Chris Bosh, Morris Peterson and Vince Carter.

    After losing Bosh to free agency before last season, the team was left with the task of "Finding My Way." It had a hard time with this and finished the season with only 22 wins.

    The team's performance may have left head coach Jay Triano and other Raptor executives saying, "I Think I'm Going Bald" from pulling out his hair dealing with the stress of this difficult season.  

    When the season starts, the Raptors hope to find some Grace Under Pressure and may have a "Ghost of a Chance" of making the playoffs.

    Maybe they can even win a title sometime before 2112.

Utah Jazz: Pearl Jam

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    It is no secret that members of Pearl Jam are big fans of the NBA.

    When they started in the early '90s, they first named the band Mookie Blaylock after a player for the New Jersey Nets at that time. Their first album was named 10, after his jersey number.

    Along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam was instrumental in creating a new genre of music and helping grunge to become mainstream.

    This season the Utah Jazz have the opportunity to do something similar and revolutionize their team.

    The Jazz will open the season without head coach Jerry Sloan for the first time since before several of its current players were even "Alive."

    The Jazz also traded away the team's leader and All-Star Deron Williams, and Andrei Kirilenko could be gone as well.

    Next season will be a battle for the young Jazz, and at times it may feel like it is them Vs. the world.
    Depending on how the young guys develop, they may have to make a trade for a "Better Man."

    Jazz fans can only hope that the difficulties of last season do not repeat themselves, and only show up in the "Rearviewmirror."

Washington Wizards: Guns N' Roses

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    The comparisons between the Washington Wizards and Guns N' Roses are fairly obvious.

    First of all, the Wizards were known as the Baltimore, Capital or Washington Bullets for the first 33 years of the franchise's existence. In 1997, the team's name was changed to the Wizards due to the violent connotation of the name Bullets and not wanting to promote a "Reckless Life."

    Secondly, on Christmas Eve 2009, it was discovered that team All-Star Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittendon both had unloaded guns in their lockers, a violation of team and league rules. Suspensions followed and the Wizards had the "Shotgun Blues" as they limped to a rough finish that season.

    Following a couple of good drafts, the Wizards hope to transform Washington D.C. into a "Paradise City" in the NBA.

    It may take a little bit of "Patience" but with John Wall, JaVale McGhee and newly drafted Jan Vesely the Wizards should be a better team.

    They just need to develop their Appetite For Destruction and start putting together some winning seasons.

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