1. Nifty high-low pass from Serge Ibaka -- a rarity but something Donovan wants him to do more.

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  6. FEDEX IS A NO FLY ZONE TONIGHT. Ibaka with the huge block!

  7. Grizzlies lead the Thunder 58-52 at half. Westbrook 11 and 4 assists, Adams 10 and 4 rebounds, Kanter 10, Ibaka 9 and 2 blocks.

  8. Serge just 4-10 from the field in the first half. Thunder need him to find his shot to have any chance.

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  12. Halftime: Memphis 58, Oklahoma City 52. Westbrook 11 pts & 4 assists, Adams 10 and 4 rebounds, Kanter 10, Ibaka 9 and 2 blocks.

  13. Serge Ibaka sends Mike Conley’s layup into the stands with a chase-down block https://t.co/4lggirP6II https://t.co/EYONX75dnl

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  17. Grizzlies beat the Thunder 122-114. Westbrook 40 (13-19 shooting) and 14 assists, Ibaka 18 and 9 rebounds, Kanter 16 and 7, Adams 14,

  18. Thunder starters tonight: Westbrook, Roberson, Morrow, Ibaka and Adams.

  19. So far this season, Serge Ibaka & Steven Adams have combined for a total of 52 blocks. @BudLight Fact of the Night. https://t.co/N5js1ndJMz

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  23. Ibaka with another bad game tonight. 0-6 from the field and missing easy looks.

  24. Rough first half for the Thunder's starting frontline: Ibaka goes 0-of-7, Adams 0-of-2, zero points, 4 combined rebounds.

  25. Russ just tried to pump the crowd up to get Serge going at the line. To think people say he isn’t a leader.

  26. Not sure how Ryan Anderson did that against Ibaka, but alrighty.

  27. Serge Ibaka with a rare "Cheer loud for my free throw" gesture to crowd, but goes 0/2. #Pelicans on 8-2 run, force OKC timeout. OKC 55-53

  28. Kanter: 6-of-11 FG, 17 pts Ibaka/Adams: 0-of-9 FG, 0 pts Kanter, smartly, is gonna get 30+ minutes tonight

  29. Serge!!! Finally hits a shot on Westbrook’s 8th assist.

  30. Serge, go to bed.

  31. Ibaka, after looking shaky all night, hit both free throws which should put an end to this one.

  32. Dion Waiters starting tonight vs Knicks, alongside Westbrook, Roberson, Ibaka and Adams.

  33. Ibaka drives and finished with the left! That’s new.

  34. Was about to tweet that Ibaka has been non-existent all game. Nice jumper there, though. Can’t win if he’s not that reliable 2nd option.

  35. Are Serge and Keri OK? I’m worried about him.

  36. Great out-of-timeout play, wide-open corner look for Serge Ibaka, missed the 3. Now 2-of-26 from deep.

  37. Same starting lineup for the Thunder tonight: Westbrook, Waiters, Roberson, Ibaka, Adams.

  38. Thunder offense looks better in this first half because, in part, Serge Ibaka has busted out of his mini slump: 5-of-7 FG.

  39. Russ getting to the rim seemingly at will. Serge hitting shots definitely opens things up for everyone else.

  40. Thunder closes half on 10-2 run, leads Mavs at halftime 60-52. Westbrook 13p-4a-4s. Ibaka 10p-8r. https://t.co/fEGGEZJswn

  41. Clear-path foul on Ibaka. Deron Williams with 2 FTs, and the @dallasmavs open the 3rd on a 14-3 run. #DALatOKC

  42. D-Will's jumper over Ibaka rims out, and then a loose-ball foul on Pachulia with 17.9 left. #DALatOKC

  43. Deron Williams trying to take Serge Ibaka is probably not the best late-game option.

  44. Serge Ibaka had a clutch block on Deron Williams in OKC's 117-114 win over Dallas. VIDEO: https://t.co/KVyNafppTN https://t.co/cOvluMs8Ll

  45. Tonight's Key Matchup - @dfavors14 vs. @sergeibaka9 #OKCatUTA https://t.co/FLA734gQXc

  46. Starters for Thunder: Westbrook, Roberson, Adams, Ibaka, Durant. #ThunderBasketball

  47. Kevin Durant is back in lineup tonight vs Jazz. Joins Westbrook, Roberson, Adams, Ibaka. Game starts at 8p CT on Fox Sports Oklahoma and NBA League Pass

  48. Starting lineups: Jazz: Neto, Hood, Hayward, Favors, Gobert Thunder: Westbrook, Roberson, Durant, Ibaka, Adams

  49. Things that not many humans are able to do: Serge Ibaka just blocked a Rudy Gobert dunk attempt.