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  14. . @MarcGasol w/ the #Grizzlies @FirstTennesse basket of the game! Thank you @aa000G9

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  18. . @MrVinceCarter15 for three! Thank you @MarcGasol #MEM: 10 #HOU: 14 | 4:45 1Q

  19. . @MarcGasol w/ the shake, the shimmy, and the finish. #Grizzlies up 19-17. https://t.co/izRGCt3l5e

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  22. Marc Gasol with 6 assists, still 4 minutes left in the first half.

  23. . @MarcGasol leads the fast break and finds @CourtneyLee2211 slashing to the rim.

  24. Marc Gasol (12 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds) closing in on triple double

  25. Ring it up! @MConley11 for three! Thank you @marcGasol

  26. Marc Gasol will likely fall short of the triple double, but 16-9-11 is pretty good work.

  27. 4Q- Marc Gasol records 4th triple double in @memgrizz history (3rd by a Gasol). Pau had 2 and Mike Miller had 1. Marc has 16pts, 11ast, 10rb

  28. Marc Gasol has a triple double. 16 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds.

  29. And, Marc Gasol with his first career triple double.

  30. Marc Gasol has his triple-double: 16 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds. Griz lead Rockets, 95-83 with 90 seconds left

  31. Marc Gasol has a triple-double vs the Rockets

  32. Grizzlies win it 96-84. Marc Gasol's first triple double. That'll work.

  33. . @MarcGasol messed around and got a triple-double. 16pts/11reb/11ast https://t.co/4EFuJg0m1Y

  34. Marc Gasol: 16 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists; first career triple-double

  35. Marc Gasol earns his first career triple-double in Grizzlies' win. https://t.co/23hEL1spN9

  36. Marc Gasol drops his first career triple-double as the @memgrizz take down the @HoustonRockets. https://t.co/cNo3fqRIhb

  37. Glad Marc Gasol got the triple double cause highlights what an amazing passer he is. Actually surprised never had one before.

  38. VIDEO: Marc Gasol is a master of both basketball  and futbol ⚽️ ! https://t.co/l8LOyKP9bB https://t.co/lc5zejZqwq

  39. #Grizzlies ground Rockets; @MarcGasol nets first career triple-double #MEMvHOU Recap> https://t.co/5Jgzwx4Sgr

  40. Marc Gasol notches his first career triple-double (16p, 11a, 11r) in @MemGrizz 96-84 victory! https://t.co/0HSt4QgUth

  41. #NBAHighlights: Marc Gasol has triple-double vs. Houston. https://t.co/4eE75p171G

  42. Marc Gasol notches his first career triple-double (16p, 11a, 11r) in @MemGrizz 96-84 victory https://t.co/0HSt4QgUth

  43. NBA VIDEOS: Marc Gasol gets triple-double, Warriors and more. https://t.co/Wu4z6YWHeK

  44. The @MemGrizz took down the @HoustonRockets behind Marc Gasol's first career triple-double. https://t.co/Wxzu3epl1R https://t.co/qxyEspF2yv

  45. Marc Gasol best highlights from triple-double against Rockets: https://t.co/eUGY5o3c5v https://t.co/81MVCgSrFa

  46. Spotted in hotel lobby: @MarcGasol wearing a @FCBarcelona jersey. He's one happy fellow at the moment, 3-0 Barca.