1. It's a wrap: Spurs beat the #Blazers 113-101. LaMarcus Aldridge finished with 23 pts, 6 rbs, 2 asts, 1 blk in his return to Portland.

  2. Aldridge Continues to Sit with Ankle Issue

  3. Aldridge Sprains Ankle; Status Uncertain for Sat.

  4. Aldridge will start the 2Q... along with West, Butler, Green and Mills #Spurs

  5. Left ankle sprain for LaMarcus Aldridge. Return questionable.

  6. LaMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs get the 113-101 win in Portland. https://t.co/RjXRRbonZH

  7. LaMarcus Aldridge scores a game-high 23 as the @spurs win 113–101 in his return to Portland: https://t.co/cDSrXYz0D4 https://t.co/rUkV1a2qz4

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  13. LaMarcus Aldridge dropped 23 points and led the Spurs to victory in his return to Portland. https://t.co/7f4g7EVtNJ https://t.co/DNjN08dGwj

  14. LaMarcus Aldridge kept his cool in an emotional return to Portland, leading the Spurs to victory. https://t.co/0tmhbiQN8x

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  27. 15p & 13r for LaMarcus Aldridge as @Spurs lead @Sixers 76-60 heading into 4th on #NBALeaguePass. Okafor with 12p, 10r. #PHIatSAS

  28. LaMarcus Aldridge has 19 rebounds, tied for the sixth-highest total of his career.

  29. The Making of LaMarcus: Spurs' Offseason Coup Has Dallas Roots

  30. Spurs Down Rockets 111-86 as Aldridge Finds Groove

  31. LaMarcus Aldridge has 19 rebounds, a figure he has surpassed only four times in his career to date.

  32. Blog: Tim Duncan set the Spurs' all-time block record. LaMarcus Aldridge is dubious. https://t.co/PPrfBrsnIs

  33. Aldridge Hopes to Make AT&T Center Home

  34. Aldridge Dealing with Back Spasms

  35. The last number here seems important in regard to LaMarcus Aldridge getting comfortable in the Spurs' offense: https://t.co/uHlZFI6ffZ

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  38. Aldridge Returns to Form, but Spurs Fall

  39. The smooth transition of LaMarcus Aldridge to the Spurs still needs a bit of work ... https://t.co/EkIV7Ekzd5

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  42. Pop Makes Aldridge (Leg) Sit Practice: 'Welcome to the Spurs'

  43. Interesting that LaMarcus Aldridge is the only Spurs starter not in double figures. In all, Spurs have six double-figure scorers.

  44. With six points tonight, LaMarcus Aldridge stopped a string of 66 consecutive games in double figures

  45. LaMarcus Aldridge sat out today with leg tightness. Pop: "He didn't want to. But welcome to the Spurs."

  46. Veteran Spurs Ready for New Challenges

  47. LaMarcus Aldridge adjusting to life in San Antonio & new role with Spurs https://t.co/8MtmYvFBwS by @Ananth_Pandian https://t.co/BoSFpt4drG

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  52. Barely four minutes into the game, LaMarcus Aldridge is halfway to the eight shots he took Monday against Portland.

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  56. LaMarcus Aldridge left game, in locker room Entering day Spurs w/ Aldridge on court: +9.9 net efficiency Spurs w/ Aldridge off court +11.9

  57. Aldridge Credits Udoka for Getting Deal Done with Spurs

  58. Report: LaMarcus Aldridge, Marcus Morris Change Agents

  59. LaMarcus Aldridge says his left ankle is tender. Will have to see how he feels tomorrow before determining his status for Memphis.

  60. In 5 games at the AT&T Center, LaMarcus Aldridge is shooting 39.3%, averaging 12.0 points. In 7 road games, LMA is shooting 44.9%, 17.6 PTS.

  61. Anthony Wasn't Happy with How Knicks Approached Aldridge

  62. Knicks' Porzingis PF Commitment Scared Off Aldridge

  63. Spurs say LaMarcus Aldridge will be out, Manu Ginobili in.

  64. Spurs just announced LaMarcus Aldridge is out tonight with a left ankle sprain. https://t.co/EcYsS1loSC

  65. Porzingis PF Commitment Scared Off Aldridge from Knicks

  66. Aldridge Has Next Level Shoe Storage

  67. Pregame - Spurs announce forward LaMarcus Aldridge (ankle sprain) will not play tonight vs Griz

  68. INJURY REPORT - LaMarcus Aldridge (mild sprain – left ankle) is out for tonight’s Spurs-Grizzlies game

  69. Aldridge Could Turn Parker into a Star Again

  70. Stotts: No Hard Feelings Toward LA, 'We Move On'

  71. LaMarcus Aldridge is out with a left ankle sprain. Manu Ginobili will play.

  72. LaMarcus Aldridge to sit out against Memphis https://t.co/FUzOJVDJHT https://t.co/pauYBREPla

  73. David West will start in place of the injured LaMarcus Aldridge tonight. JaMychal Green, a Spurs alum, will start for Grizz in place of Z-Bo