Chicago Bulls: Signing Richard Hamilton Is a Good Start

Ernest ShepardAnalyst IIIDecember 13, 2011

Hamilton drives past Kobe
Hamilton drives past KobeLisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

For the Chicago Bulls this has been a quiet offseason.

No major roster moves have been made to upgrade the shooting guard position. In fact, the only move of significance was the re-signing of forward Brian Scalabrine. 

Conversations around the league have had the Chicago Bulls linked to Jamal Crawford and Richard Hamilton as options to play alongside point guard Derrick Rose. Expect the latter to become the running mate to NBA's youngest-ever MVP.

Richard Hamilton was officially bought out by the Detroit Pistons yesterday and is expected to sign a two-year deal with the Chicago Bulls.

This signing would be a start, but I would caution anyone against believing that Hamilton coming aboard puts the Chicago Bulls over the top. 

What he brings to the Bulls is great mid-range shooting and veteran leadership. If he comes close to averaging 15 points a game, then the Bulls will be fine. He would be no more than the third or fourth scoring option, but 15-18 points a game is great output for your fourth option. 

Don't believe the notion that he is a terrible defender. 

At 6'7", he has the length to bother LeBron James or Paul Pierce. He is also a solid team defender. The Pistons would not have won the title if it wasn't for the defense he played against Kobe Bryant.

So the notion that he doesn't play good “D” is a debate worth having.

Would the signing of Richard Hamilton alone be enough to beat the Miami Heat

For now, Richard Hamilton alone does not place them on par with the Heat. What they will need going forward is scoring off the bench, and preferably from the guards. 

You can expect the usual 8 points from Taj Gibson, but firepower from another guard will get them over the hump. They also must figure out Kyle Korver's role in the rotation. His three-point shooting will be key.