The Young and the Restless: All I Want for Christmas

Joe WillettSenior Writer IDecember 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm getting ready to spend a White Christmas (I'm in Michigan) with my family, but that doesn't mean I can't be greedy.

Everybody loves Christmas, and there are a few things I want out of my Chicago Bulls to make my Christmas complete.


Tyrus Thomas Puts on 30 Pounds

Thomas is great at times, but some of his trouble being a post man stems from him being so damn skinny.  If he were to put on some weight, he could become a dominant in the paint.

I know he would likely become slower and less agile if he were to put on the weight, but it's Christmas, so he would keep all of his athleticism.


Important Injuries Disappear

The loss of Kirk Hinrich doesn't appear to have made a big difference in performance, his return could help bring some energy back to the lineup.

Drew Gooden, the Bulls' only reliable post presence (isn't that sad) also went down, re-injuring an ankle that cost him two games earlier this season.  He is expected to be out seven to 10 days.

If these two would come back, the Bulls would be a much better team. And with Hinrich's injury coming to an end soon, they could come help the Bulls make a run, which would lead to a very happy New Year.


Consistency, Consistency, CONSISTENCY

The Bulls are another frustrating Chicago team, but they are irritating in a completely different way than the Bears are.

They are annoying in the sense that the Bulls never seem to put together two good nights in a row.

For example, they lost to Charlotte (a bad loss) before beating the Clippers (a decent win) followed by a loss to the Celtics (126-108), a victory over the Jazz (a good win) and finally, a loss to Detroit last night (where they let Rodney Stuckey go all sorts of crazy on them).

They haven't lost more than two games in a row (which they've done three times) and they haven't won more than two games in a row (which they've done twice). This reeks of a team that, even if they are able to play past the regular season, won't go past the first round.

If they could go on a streak, any sort of streak winning or losing, I would be happy to know which direction this team is going.


iPod Touch

That's just an awesome gift.


Leave comments saying what you want for Christmas.

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