I Want to See a Utah vs. Detroit NBA Finals

Diana AllenCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

When you think sexy match-ups, media loving match-ups, high profile superstar players match-ups, the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons do not come to mind. 

The LA Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers they are the media darlings of the NBA.  Most people would want to see those teams in the Finals. Who wouldn't want to see Kobe, KG, LeBron James? 

If you are a true NBA fan who loves team basketball, who loves big men shooting three pointers, who loves quick guards and exciting wing players, then a Utah Jazz vs. Detroit Pistons finals is what you would want to see. 

Since the 2005 season the Utah Jazz have not lost to the Pistons. Although the two teams only face each other two times a year, there is a fierce rivalry between the teams. The Jazz and the Pistons are very similar in make up, in their idea of how the game should be played, and in their physicality the teams match up very well against each other. 

Although the Jazz have now won seven straight against the Pistons, they don't dominate the Pistons. The games are always close and always exciting.

The double overtime win that the Jazz had over the Pistons tonight epitomizes what the match-ups between these two teams are like.

The Pistons grabbed the early lead ending the first quarter on a 14-2 run to take a 10 point lead heading into the second quarter. The Jazz fought back, clawing their way behind the sharp shooting Deron Williams to close the gap to five at half time. The second half of the game was extremely close.

The Jazz to seem to have the game under control sitting comfortably with a five point lead with less than two minutes to go when Rasheed Wallace hit a three pointer to draw the Pistons within two. The Jazz, on the inbound, carelessly turned the ball over and allowed an easy layup for Stuckey to tie the ball game.

Deron Williams hits a turn around floater to give the Jazz a lead with two seconds to go. Rip Hamilton, with two seconds to go, hits a long jumper to send the game to overtime. 

The Jazz were able to squeak out a win in double overtime. The game really could have gone either way as most games between the Pistons and the Jazz over the last four years have been. This is how each game in a seven game series in the NBA finals would be between two of the most evenly matched, exciting teams in the NBA.