The Mentz Rank: Ranking NBA Players, Nos. 41-50

Zach MentzContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

The Mentz Rank: Ranking NBA Players, Nos. 41-50

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    For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter (@ZachMentz), let me inform you exactly what #MentzRank is.

    As many of you know, recently released its own #NBARank. A total of 91 different NBA "experts" simply rated an NBA player on a scale from 1-10. From there, averaged out all the ratings and ranked the players in order.

    Seems like a pretty idiotic way to rank the players in the NBA, doesn't it?

    I disagreed with much of #NBARank, causing me to formulate my own #MentzRank. From here, I'll rank the top 50 players in the NBA today, counting down from No. 50 to No. 1, 10 players at a time.

    Obviously, not everyone will agree with my list—but I will provide a more accurate, more sensible list of rankings of the top 50 players in the NBA.

    Is a player too high on my list? Too low? Am I missing someone? Feel free to comment, critique and share your opinion with me.

#MentzRank Player No. 50: Gerald Wallace

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 15.7

    RPG: 8.0

    APG: 2.4

    FG%: .454

    FT%: .746

    #NBARank: 48

    Known for his defensive prowess, Wallace is also a surprisingly talented rebounder despite playing the small forward position. He has a special combination of length and athleticism, and can basically do it all on the court.

#MentzRank Player No. 49: Jason Kidd

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 7.9

    RPG: 4.4

    APG: 8.2

    FG%: .361

    FT%: .870

    #NBARank: 49

    Despite his age (38 years old), Kidd is still a very effective point guard in the league. His scoring ability has diminished, but he's still one of the smartest, most reliable players in the game today.

#MentzRank Player No. 48: David Lee

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 16.5

    RPG: 9.8

    APG: 3.2

    FG%: .507

    FT%: .787

    #NBARank: 54

    Lee is one of the most underrated, yet consistently good, big men in the NBA today. He doesn't get as much publicity as other NBA players, but he gets the job done night in and night out.

Slide Title #MentzRank Player No. 47: Kevin Martin

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 23.5

    RPG: 3.2

    APG: 2.5

    FG%: .436

    FT%: .888

    #NBARank: 42

    Martin is one of the most talented offensive players in the NBA today. Unfortunately, he lacks defensive assertion and has below average rebounding skills, which leaves him a little lower on this list than he perhaps should be.

#MentzRank Player No. 46: Lamar Odom

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 14.4

    RPG: 8.7

    APG: 3.0

    FG%: .530

    FT%: .675

    #NBARank: 44

    Odom is one of the most, if not the most, versatile players in the NBA today. He's able to not only play in the paint, but is a talented three-point shooter as well. His inconsistency is his biggest flaw, though.

#MentzRank Player No. 45: John Wall

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 16.4

    RPG: 4.6

    APG: 8.3

    FG%: .409

    FT%: .766

    #NBARank: 40

    Wall is one of the most talented young guards around today and should only improve as he progresses. His jump shot is not a strength of his, but he is an extremely talented slasher and passer.

#MentzRank Player No. 44: Al Jefferson

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 18.6

    RPG: 9.7

    APG: 1.8

    FG%: .496

    FT%: .761

    #NBARank: 52

    Jefferson has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his young career, leading many to think that he could be one of the most dominant big men in the NBA in the near future.

#MentzRank Player No. 43: Tyreke Evans

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 17.8

    RPG: 4.8

    APG: 5.6

    FG%: .409

    FT%: .771


    The former Memphis University guard is just another example of the young, talented point guard pool in the NBA today. With some help, he could turn the Sacramento Kings around sooner than you may think.

#MentzRank Player No. 42: Andrew Bogut

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 12.8

    RPG: 11.1

    BPG: 2.6

    FG%: .495

    FT%: .442

    #NBARank: 33

    It's obvious Bogut has gobs of talent; he just hasn't been able to take the next step from "very good" to "elite" big men yet.

#MentzRank Player No. 41: Eric Gordon

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    2010-11 stats:

    PPG: 22.3

    RPG: 2.9

    APG: 4.4

    FG%: .450

    FT%: .825

    #NBARank: 39

    The former Indiana guard is blossoming into one of the best shooting guards in the NBA and could soon lead the Clippers to a playoff appearance with the help of Blake Griffin.