The 10 Most Worthless Lakers of the Last Decade

Joshua SextonSenior Analyst IIOctober 25, 2011

The 10 Most Worthless Lakers of the Last Decade

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    This article will look at the 10 most worthless Lakers of the last decade.

    While the Lakers are well known for boasting some of the game’s best players over the past 10 years, including Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, there have certainly been a few “lemons” in the bunch.

    I will advise you right now, if you are a major fan of any Laker who played ibetween 2004-07, I would read another article.

10. Von Wafer

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    For 16 games during the 2005-06 season, Von Wafer unfortunately donned a purple and gold jersey. Without a doubt, the most worthless, 16-game stint in team history.

9. Steve Blake

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    While the final verdict is still out on Steve Blake, the former Maryland Terrapin had a terrible first season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Blake had a career low in points (4.0) and shot his lowest percentage from the field since 2004-05. Things only got worse for Blake when the postseason started, as his scoring average dipped to two points a contest.

    The man who was supposed to relieve the team’s point guard woes has only made them worse.

8. Luke Walton

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    Let me start by saying, I don’t seem to have as much dislike for Luke Walton as the average Lakers fan does. But based on his production the last couple of seasons, it’s hard to deem Walton anything but worthless.

    Considering Walton had a better understanding of the triangle offense better than anyone on the team, Phil Jackson used to be able to put in Walton to organize the offense and move the ball effectively.

    But the last couple of seasons, thanks in part to a serious back injury, Walton’s production has waned considerably. Over the past two seasons, Walton has averaged two points in only nine minutes of burn.

7. Brian Grant

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    Brian Grant came to the Los Angeles Lakers along with Lamar Odom and Caron Butler as part of the Shaquille O’Neal trade in 2004.

    For being one of the marquee players the team got in exchange for possibly the greatest center of all-time, Grant was a major disappointment.

    Grant averaged three points and three rebounds in his one and only season with the Lakers.

6. Sasha Vujacic

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    For a moment, it seemed as though Sasha Vujacic was actually going to be a mainstay in the team’s rotation.

    During the 2007-08 postseason, Vujacic played his best basketball as a Laker, averaging eight points a contest and shooting nearly 40 percent from beyond the arc.

    Unfortunately, Sasha never regained his 2008 postseason form, as he became part of the team’s garbage unit during the championship years in 2009 and 2010. The only thing is, Vujacic never realized he had lost his groove, often talking about deserving more minutes.

5. D.J. Mbenga

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    With Andrew Bynum missing so much time due to injury in 2009 and 2010, fans saw more of D.J. Mbenga than they probably wanted to. No one was expecting the second coming of Hakeem Olajuwon, but Mbenga was such a liability it forced Pau Gasol to play extended minutes at the center position.

4. Vladimir Radmanovic

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    As hard as it is to believe, Vladimir Radmanovic was the team’s starting small forward on the 2008 team that won the Western Conference.

    The only positive thing Vlad provided the team during his tenure was streaky three-point shooting. His defense was shaky at best, and his mind often seemed to be on other things besides basketball.

    While he is considered to be a “worthless” Laker, he was certainly everyone’s favorite space cadet.

3. Slava Medvedenko

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    Slava Medvedenko spent parts of six seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. And make no mistake about it, he provided plenty of entertainment. Just not in a basketball sense.

    Slava was a man of many unwarranted jumpers and few words.

2. Smush Parker

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    Smush Parker caused me more headaches than any other Lakers player since I began stringently following the team in 1995. Serving as the team’s starting point guard for two seasons, Smush had an inflated sense of his inabilities.

    Which led to a frustrated Kobe Bryant and two seasons of mediocre basketball from the Lakers.

1. Kwame Brown

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    The fact that a player who served as the team’s starting center for two  full seasons  is ranked so high on a “worthless” list goes to show you how rough Kobe Bryant had it in between Shaquille O’Neal being traded and the team acquiring Pau Gasol.

    The real sad thing about Kwame, is no one really expected much from him in the first place. That has always made people wonder why the team signed him in the first place. On second thought, maybe he isn’t so worthless. After all, he was responsible for bringing Pau Gasol to the team.