Miami Heat: Least Popular Players in Team History

Adam DavisCorrespondent INovember 5, 2016

Miami Heat: Least Popular Players in Team History

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    Every professional sports team comes with two kinds of players: those who are beloved and those who are, well, hated. 

    Whether the dislike is based on a single incident, a playoff series or simply because the player sucks, there are always guys on the roster who the fans wish simply weren't around. 

    The Miami Heat have been around since the late 1980s and have gone through major ups and downs in their history. During that time the Heat roster has included several players who didn't sit well with the fans and weren't popular. 

    Let's see who made the cut. 

Michael Beasley

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    Considering which players were drafted right after him, Beasley was coming into his first season with the Heat with a lot of PR to do. 

    Unfortunately, he didn't help the Heat much while he was around and was shipped off to Minnesota after a couple of seasons. 

    When Heat fans look at this, they see a wasted pick, only a few years after a high pick brought them Dwyane Wade. 

Jamaal Magloire

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    Here's an idea: Don't sign an old Canadian center when you already have a young Canadian center on your roster. 

    I am Canadian, but I know that basketball is not my country's sport, and Magloire did absolutely nothing to change that mindset in anyone's minds.

    He averaged minuscule numbers for the Heat and spent much of this past season modeling new suits for the crowd as he sat next to the bench. 

    Bad call on this one. 

Keith Askins

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    Askins was a member of the Heat longer than any other player in their history, except for Alonzo Mourning. He played nine seasons in South Beach and did absolutely nothing with his time there. 

    Averaging 3.8 points and 2.9 rebounds over a CAREER for the Heat is simply awful. No fans for this guy in Miami, that's for sure. 

Mike Bibby

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    Bibby came over to the Heat this past season to step in as the point guard/pass machine for the Big Three and didn't really impress anyone.

    His outside shot was a shade of of its former self, and his defense left much to be desired. With Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole waiting to be given the reins for the Heat, Bibby's time in Miami might not only be done, but also leave a bad taste in Heat fan's mouths. 

Rasual Butler

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    Butler is another player on this list who let down the Heat after they drafted him. Granted it was a late second-round pick, but he never rose to the occasion when called upon. 

    Rasual's play definitely makes people only remember Caron as the only Butler to suit up for Miami. 

Rafer Alston

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    Skip to My Lou came to Miami as point guard help for the developing Dwyane Wade and, to say it bluntly, did nothing. 

    Alston only lasted one year in South Beach after putting up disappointing numbers. Maybe he should have stuck to street ball. 

Eddie House

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    House, the long time NBA journeyman was drafted by Miami and landed back there this past season. In both stints he has been nothing more than a deep bench reserve player. 

    Usually not much is expected of a 38th overall pick, but House really hasn't impressed at all. Definitely one of the least popular players that has ever donned a Heat jersey (twice). 

Chris Bosh

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    Yeah, I'm serious about this. Where's the love for Bosh? 

    As part of the Big Three, and a very talented player on his own, Bosh is not getting the appreciation he deserves in Miami. Sure, he isn't even close talent-wise to LeBron or Wade, but Bosh would be one of the best players on many other teams in the NBA. 

    All I'm saying is that Bosh should get some more attention as a significant part of the Heat lineup. He'll do the rest.