20 Professional Athletes We Want To Party With

Mike Hoag@MikeHoagJrCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2011

20 Professional Athletes We Want To Party With

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    What professional athlete would you party with and why?  Millionaire athletes are role models and heroes, but most of all—they're people, too.

    And just like you and me, they like to party.

    Adding just any celebrity athlete into your entourage, though, might have unwanted effects.

    Read on to see who we want to party with, what role they would play in our crew and why we'd want to throw down all night long with them.

20. Michael Phelps

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    Role: Grub guy.

    Why we want to party: Michael Phelps will undoubtedly have a great stash of goodies on hand at any given time.

    His gold medals won't hurt with pulling in the ladies either.

19. Braylon Edwards

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    Role: Getaway driver.

    Why we want to party: At first thought, Braylon Edwards scares us because of his poor decision making and multiple driving violations. However, Edwards likes to flash his money and isn't afraid of breaking the law.

    We like to have a ride when going out and partying. After his recent DWI and other driving offenses, Edwards will certainly have arranged transportation for the evening.

18. Ron Artest

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    Role: Rager.

    Why we want to party: There are nights you look back at with you friends and will never forget. We think a guy known for one of the biggest brawls in NBA history could contribute to one of those nights for us.

    Mix his uncanny ability to draw controversy with the fact he drank Hennessy during halftime of NBA games, and it's a match made in heaven. 

17. Rory McIlroy

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    Role: Social butterfly.

    Why we want to party: Rory likes to party, a lot. We like to party, too.

    Rory really stands out to us because of a mixture of his carefree attitude and the tweeting of his drinking. Sometimes things go down that you don't necessarily want public.  

    That's fine—we trust Rory to keep it discrete. 

16. Kyle Orton

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    Role: Sloppy drunk.

    Why we want to party: Kyle Orton may not have a job after this past weekend, but that's okay by him. His best friend, Jack Daniels, has never steered him in the wrong and will always be there by his side.

    And on his shirt. 

15. Charles Barkley

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    Role: Best bro.

    Why we want to party: Over the years, Sir Charles has shown that he simply has no regard for the rules. When someone says they're down for anything, the Charles in them is coming out.

    Barkley doesn't take kindly to disrespect and will have your back no matter what.

14. Tim Lincecum

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    Role: Party at his place.

    Why we want to party: The former two-time Cy Young winner and World Series Champion could care less about censorship. He's known to drop an f-bomb here or there, and we like that in our crew.

    After winning the World Series he shouted, "#%$^ yeah!" on national TV.

    We're more interested in partying at Tim's place, though. Recently, his former landlord filed a lawsuit seeking $350,000 in damages to his former townhouse as a result of "partying."

13. Derek Jeter

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    Role: Bi-racial angel.

    Why we want to party: Derek Jeter is one of the biggest names in sports today. Not only that, he's a huge face of the New York nightlife scene. As a party mate, he brings everything you could ask for to the table: money, booze, women and VIP status virtually everywhere.

12. Joakim Noah

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    Role: Beer pong partner.

    Why we want to party: We like a guy that doesn't mind partying when he's down on his luck and out of a job. Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah is reportedly a beer pong ace. Last week, he was seen playing aquatic beer pong in a pool near the University of Florida.

    Noah may not be a great shooter on the court, but we like our chances of staying on the table with him at our side.

11. Josh Hamilton

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    Role: Wildcard.

    Why we want to party: Josh Hamilton, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict since 2005, makes an interesting choice for our crew. We know Josh likes to party, but he's keeping the tiger in the cage of late. So congratulations are due.

    Still, we'd like to be there if he ever falls off the wagon again, as he did in 2009 (pictured above).

    Because common decency would demand we get the Texas Rangers' star back on said wagon.

    But the girls could stay.

10. Steve Nash

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    Role: "Hey, I know that guy!"

    Why we want to party: Steve Nash loves to party, that's no secret.

    Going out with Nash will likely not be limited to bars and clubs, but will likely include front row seats to any sporting event we want.

9. Canadian Women's Hockey Team

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    Role: Girls you can't wait to bring home to mom.

    Why we want to party: There is nothing classier than girls downing champagne while smoking cigars on an ice rink.

    They aren't that sore on the eyes either.

8. Bryant McKinnie

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    Role: Financier.

    Why we want to party: Bryant McKinnie was thrown off the 2010 NFC Pro Bowl squad in Miami, Florida, for excessive absences from team practices. He was said to have been partying all week instead of preparing for the weekend game.

    We like a guy with his priorities straight, but that's not why we like McKinnie.

    He dropped $100,000 on 15 bottles of champagne at a Hollywood nightclub.

    Yes, Bryant, let's be friends.

7. Jonathon Papelbon

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    Role: Optimist.

    Why we want to party: Jonathon Papelbon doesn't let little things like the biggest meltdown in Major League Baseball history get him down. Just two weeks after the historic collapse, Papelbon was seen throwing beads off of a balcony in New Orleans.

    Also, we don't think it would hurt to have his Irish jig in our arsenal if things ever got desperate.

6. Matt Leinart

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    Role: Pretty boy.

    Why we want to party: Matt Leinart may not have panned out as an NFL quarterback, but it doesn't seem to have affected his draw of ladies. Bring Matt along for the night and you're sure to bring home one or two of his castaways.

5. Shaquille O'Neal

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    Role: Bodyguard.

    Why we want to party: Would anyone mess with Shaq? We don't think so. Shaq is the complete package: money, fame, humor and diesel.

    We also take note of the epic dance moves (pictured here).

    It's not often that you see a seven-footer break it down like that.

4. Jonny Gomes

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    Role: Handyman.

    Why we want to party: Jonny Gomes looks like a resourceful guy to have in our crew. We admire innovation and see potential in Gomes' beer funneling through his protective cup technique (pictured here).

    Jonny, we just ask one thing: Let us get the camera out before you do something crazy!

3. Dirk Nowitzki

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    Role: Karaoke king.

    Why we want to party: Dirk Nowitzki exemplifies a party mate. He doesn't care what other people think and wants to have a good time. From time to time, he's been known to get belligerently drunk.

    Recently, he led the Dallas Mavericks championship celebration in singing Queen's, "We are the Champions" in downtown Dallas.


    Okay, maybe a little hungover from the celebration the night before.

2. Alexander Ovechkin

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    Role: DJ.

    Why we want to party: Alexander Ovechkin is a well-known party animal and ladies man. Are you seeing a trend here?

    Likes to party? Check. Always has beautiful women at his side? Check.

    DJs at Russian parties while drunk out of his mind? Check.

    We like our chances of throwing down all night with some good tunes and beautiful chicks as long as we bring Ovechkin along.

1. 2011 Boston Bruins

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    Role: THOSE guys.

    Why we want to party: Everyone loves their friends who aren't afraid to rack up the bar tab in honor of a special occasion. Six members of the 2011 world champion Boston Bruins just one-upped all of those guys.

    Following their Stanley Cup victory, those Bruins racked up a $156,700 bar tab at the MGM at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

    It gets even better. They purchased a 30-liter bottle of Ace of Spades Midas champagne (and chugged the gold liquid from the bottle and the Stanley Cup trophy).

    Why we care about that champagne? It cost $100,000 and is one of six bottles in existence.