NBA Trade Speculation: 7 Team Cancers That Should Be Dealt

Joe BarnathanCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2011

NBA Trade Speculation: 7 Team Cancers That Should Be Dealt

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    There are certain players in the NBA who tend to hurt a team more than help it. Sometimes it is because they just aren't talented players, but occasionally it is because of their attitude.

    Guys who can derail a team because of their approach to the game are dangerous. Any team with a guy like this need not hesitate to trade them, even if it means getting back someone slightly less talented.

    Here are seven players who aren't worth the trouble.

Delonte West: Boston Celtics

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    What can you say about a guy who is always at risk to be thrown in jail?

    The last thing you want in your locker room is an unpredictable player, especially if he fails to produce on the court.

    If I’m the Celtics, I would just flat out cut this guy or trade him for the first player offered.

Corey Maggette: Charlotte Bobcats

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    Corey Maggette is one of those unique players who has enough talent to hang around the league but has never actually learned how to play basketball in a way that benefits a team.

    Worse yet, he’s convinced he’s an All-Star talent and seems to think the offense revolves around him.

Tracy McGrady: Detroit Pistons

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    He’s more of a train wreck than a cancer, but nonetheless a player the Pistons should get rid of.

    McGrady would be decent on a veteran team that would keep him in check.

    On an inexperienced Pistons team with no direction or leadership, he’ll simply go through the motions for as long as possible.

Ben Gordon: Detroit Pistons

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    The Pistons made a colossal mistake in signing Gordon a few years back.

    Clearly, they were seduced by his incredible playoff performance against the Celtics in 2009.

    What the Pistons didn’t realize is that Gordon has a massive ego and a ridiculous shot selection.

    While this can come in handy at the end of a tight game, it is very damaging for an entire season.

Mike Bibby: Miami Heat

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    In many ways, Bibby has become the joke of the NBA.

    This is unfortunate for a player who was once well respected and sought after.

    The fact remains that Bibby is not the productive player he once was and was a massive liability for the Heat last season.

Nate Robinson: Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Nate Robinson was perfect on the Celtics.

    A hot-headed player with a huge ego can do well if there are players like Garnett, Pierce, and Allen on the sidelines—but the Thunder don’t have those players.

    The Thunder would be wise not to mess with their team’s core and trade away Nate for a veteran with a high IQ (a la Grant Hill) who can help the Thunder to reach new heights.

Vince Carter: Phoenix Suns

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    Half man, half destructive teammate, Vince Carter needs to come to terms with the fact that his prime is over.

    He shot terribly this season as well as hardly getting any assists.

    When Steve Nash can’t make you a productive player, no one can.

    The Suns should trade Carter away for a little youth, even if you give up a little “talent” going the other way.