NBA Lockout: Ideas That Could Help Competitively and Financially

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NBA Lockout: Ideas That Could Help Competitively and Financially
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I'm trying to avoid any NBA lockout news. 

Don't get me wrong, I still read about it and keep up on it religiously, but see, here's my problem. 

Right now, when I'm not writing about the NFL and my Miami Dolphins' Suck For Luck campaign, I should be writing an NBA 2012 season preview. 

I should be talking about the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. I should be talking about my Miami Heat. I should be talking about how I see the two teams squaring off in the NBA Finals in a rematch of next year with Miami getting the upper hand, which would be my prediction. 

I should be discussing why I think the Cavs will surprise everybody and grab the eighth seed in the East, how the Celtics will wind up more motivated than ever and have the best record in the NBA (before falling to Miami in the Eastern Conference finals), how Kobe will come back healthier than last season and hungrier than he already is, win the MVP and lead the Lakers to the best record in the West (before falling to Dallas in the Western Conference finals) and how I honest to God believe that this season, the Spurs will actually miss the postseason due to the overall strength of the Western Conference. 

These are all predictions I should be making right now in a slideshow, but I can't, because the greedy owners and the greedy players are fighting over who's the greediest. They're fighting over a pie that let's face it, who knows how big or small it will wind up being. 

I can tell you this much, due to their fighting, they've shrunk the pie they are fighting over. It's like watching two roommates fight over a pizza, however they're fighting in the den while the pizza is not only getting cold in the kitchen, but one of their girlfriends just took a couple of slices (and also helped themselves to their beers as well).

But I haven't written about the lockout due to the fact that I refuse to. The entire thing as a basketball fan just makes me upset, as it should fans of any team. Plus, I really don't like to complain.

Especially when I can offer up a solution.

It all boils down to money and who gets what share. But the more you can grow, the more money there is to share, hence, everybody wins, even the fans. 

So how do you do that? 

By implementing a radical change to the NBA. I'm not talking about salary caps and luxury taxes, which as it stands I don't see anything wrong with (if San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Utah can put good teams on the court the way they have shown, any team in the NBA can do that, I really don't think this is like baseball with big market vs. small market). 

I'm talking about divisional realignment and a change to the playoff system. 

Take a look at what I mean. 

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