David Ortiz and 7 Athletes You'd Hate to See in Rival Uniforms

C. CuseOCorrespondent IIOctober 13, 2011

David Ortiz and 7 Athletes You'd Hate to See in Rival Uniforms

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    David Ortiz has caused quite the stir in the sports world with his recent comments about the possibility of him joining the New York Yankees.

    Ortiz leaving Boston for New York would one of the most monumental signings in the history of the Yankees-Red sox rivalry, and would tarnish Ortiz's legacy in Boston forever.

    Big Papi in pinstripes? A sore sight for most.

    Let's take a look at seven superstar athletes who would just be unbearable to watch if they were in a different uniform.  

Dirk Nowitzki in a Lakers Uniform

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    Current Team: Dallas Mavericks

    Rival Team: Los Angeles Lakers

    Dirk Nowitzki is a hero in Dallas.

    Nowitzki led the Dallas Mavericks to NBA immortality in 2011, and is now recognized as the greatest international basketball player to ever play in the NBA.

    Can you ever imagine the 7'0" German in purple and gold? I think Mark Cuban and all of Dallas would be in tears. 

    Dirk is a one of the NBA's best, and after signing an extension with Dallas in 2010, he's a Maverick for the long run.

    It's a good thing that we'll never have to hear about a Gasol/Nowitzki international duo. 

Albert Pujols in Chicago Cubs Uniform

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    Current Team: St. Louis Cardinal

    Rival Team: Chicago Cubs

    This, scary enough, could potentially happen within the next few months.

    Albert Pujols has built a storied career while being a part of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Pujols, who will go down as one of the best baseball players ever, has some crucial decisions to make when he becomes a free agent this offseason. 

    A likely suitor for Pujols? The division-rival Chicago Cubs and their new general manager, Theo Epstein. 

    If I'm a Cardinals fan, I'm praying to the Baseball gods that Albert will return to St. Louis next spring, especially after the postseason he is having. 

Aaron Rodgers in Minnesota Vikings Uniform

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    Current Team: Green Bay Packers

    Rival Team: Minnesota Vikings

    Yes, I am very aware that is in fact Brett Favre in the Vikings picture and not Aaron Rodgers, but Favre is there for a purpose.

    Favre has paved the way for Rodgers to Benedict Arnold the souls of his beloved Packer fans and join the rival Minnesota Vikings.

    Rodgers would be welcomed by the Vikings (if he's successful) just like Favre, and if he's lucky he may even get picked up in a private jet.

    Rodgers a Viking? Not likely, but always a thing to wonder about with the recent trend of ex-Packers heading to Minnesota.  

Ray Lewis in Pittsburgh Steelers Uniform

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    Current Team: Baltimore Ravens

    Rival Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

    Man, would that jersey be a foul sight in Baltimore!

    Ray Lewis, one of the most outspoken and hard-hitting linebackers to ever play the game, would be joining Pittsburgh's James Harrison and James Farrior to create the greatest linebacking corps in NFL history.

    Well, I'm scared.

    Lewis has been in Baltimore since 1996 and I don't think the 36-year-old will leave now, especially for the team he hates most, the Steelers.

    And yes, you can make that jersey on nflshop.com if you're an optimistic Steeler fan. 

Kobe Bryant in Boston Celtics Uniform

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    Current Team: Los Angeles Lakers

    Rival Team: Boston Celtics

    Five rings and Kobe takes his talents to...Boston? 

    Kobe Bryant has been a superstar for the Lakers ever since he was drafted out of high school in 1996.

    Bryant, a perennial All-Star, would join forces with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to make a superstar 30-years-old-and-over team. 

    Bryant joining the Celtics would destroy all of the blood, sweat and tears that the likes of Johnson and Bird put into creating the NBA's most storied rivalry.

    Don't do it Kobe, you'll be hated forever, and you just started to be liked again. 

Derek Jeter in Boston Red Sox Uniform

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    Current Team: New York Yankees

    Rival Team: Boston Red Sox

    This is blasphemy. I couldn't even stand to look at the picture above because it breaks every rule I have ever known about being a sports fan.

    Derek Jeter in Boston would honestly mean that the worst has happened, and that 2012 did us all in. 

    Jeter is possibly the greatest player to ever wear pinstripes on the most iconic sports team in the world. Could he just go ahead and join the rival Red Sox? It couldn't, it wouldn't...right?

    Think of the national media attention this story would command: it would be pure evil.

    If Derek Jeter ever went to Boston, the Yankees would be cursed. Babe Ruth, anyone?

LeBron James in a Miami Heat Uniform

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    This one is for you Cleveland fans.