LeBron James and NFL Free Agency: Eight Teams King James Could Likely Play for

Alex Giobbi@@alexgiobbiAnalyst IOctober 13, 2011

LeBron James and NFL Free Agency: Eight Teams King James Could Likely Play for

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    The NBA lockout is most likely not going to be resolved until next year, so players are looking into different ways to stay in shape and make money.

    Some have gone across the pond playing in Europe, China or even the Middle East. Others have formed showcases with other players, and even others have discussed forming an independent league. 

    Lebron James, however, took it a step further. 

    On Twitter, he asked ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton when the deadline for signing players was, to which John replied that there was no deadline. 

    Three weeks before, James was practicing with his alma mater's football team. 

    Could the King be eyeing a potential NFL career in lieu of an NBA season?

    While the notion seems silly, it isn't entirely unbelievable. James was an All-State selection in high school where he played wide receiver and tight end. 

    James could have a good season in the NFL; he certainly has the physique for it. The question is: Which team could he play for?

    Here are eight possible teams who could sign the King:

Seattle Seahawks

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    That jersey is not a fake. Pete Carroll, a master recruiter in college, had been interested in signing a basketball player to his team.

    Nate Robinson was first, but after James asked, Carroll had a lengthy Twitter discussion with him.

    Not only that, but he presented him with a picture of an actual Seahawks' jersey with his name on it. The No. 1 is likely going to be changed, depending on if he signs a deal. 

    Seattle's best wideout right now is Sidney Rice, and even he is terrible. John Carlson has faded off the map, Golden Tate is inconsistent, and the team's only real weapons are running backs Leon Washington and Marshawn Lynch.

    Carroll had better put an offer on the table for a guy like LeBron. 

Cleveland Browns

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    Does anyone remember that funny commercial that State Farm did with LeBron a few years back? 

    Imagine if LeBron made the ultimate apology to Cleveland by joining the Browns. Not only would that earn him some good publicity, but it may put him back in the city's good graces. 

    Colt McCoy needs another target, with Mohammad Massaquoi constantly hurting and Peyton Hillis' supposed Madden curse.

    Should LeBron come back to Cleveland? Maybe they could make the playoffs under the tandem of McCoy to James.

Miami Dolphins

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    Aside from the obvious "He plays for Miami, therefore he should be a Dolphin" argument, the team is pathetic, and for the following reasons:

    Chad Henne is hurt and Matt Moore is the quarterback in charge.

    The team is winless.

    Brandon Marshall has basically taken a huge step back in production since coming to Miami.

    Reggie Bush is also terrible. 

    In short, the Dolphins' offense is more dysfunctional than the Griffin family. A LeBron infusion may be what this team needs in order to get a win. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    Lebron has said that the Dallas Cowboys are his favorite team.

    Jerry Jones is known for signing entertaining players (T.O, Pacman Jones, Romo). Heck, a basketball star wouldn't be that far out of reach, and given the top wide receiver behind Miles Austin is former basketball star Jesse Holley, it actually would make some sense to sign him.  

New York Jets

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    The New York Jets have be unusually quiet this year.

    Signing Plaxico Burress has been less controversial than they initially thought. Derrick Mason has been traded to Houston and Santonio Holmes is practically invisible. 

    Signing James not only would create a loud roar, it would also bring another tall guy to the Jets, as if Plax's 6'6" body wasn't tall enough.

    It might also generate some wins. 

Indianapolis Colts

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    Err, yeah, Peyton Manning isn't playing this year, so the team has gone to the dogs. 

    Kerry Collins couldn't win and got knocked in the head. 

    Curtis Painter can't win, period. 

    Basically, the team is in line to win the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, something that might not be a good thing for a team that already has Peyton Manning. 

    James could haul in more touchdowns from Painter, and keep the team from going 0-16. 

Detroit Lions

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    Lebron James as a wide receiver is like, as a friend put it, "Megatron on steroids."

    The Megatron in question is Calvin Johnson. The Detroit Lions could sign James and really have a terrifying receiving corp, and that would really solidify their playoff hopes. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    The so called "Dream Team" is more like a nightmare.

    Only one win, despite every possible weapon imaginable, and a lot of hype that needs to be fulfilled.

    Signing James could add another weapon to the team at tight end, and maybe a few more wins.