Philadelphia's Uphill Battle with Kobe

Jenise RolleContributor IDecember 3, 2008

The King of the Hill, or West that is, made a stop in Philadelphia Wednesday night to prove why he’s one of the best in the league. Kobe Bryant and the 15-2 Lakers came out with a 114-102 victory over the struggling 76ers after their road loss to the Indiana Pacers at the buzzer.

Although the Sixers got off to a double-digit lead early in the game, they were no match for the dominant Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant ended Wednesday’s game with 32 points and broke down the 76ers defense in the fourth quarter, proving why he is the reigning MVP. Los Angeles shot 58 percent from the floor and with a healthy Andrew Bynum, they are in a strong position to make another NBA Finals appearance.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the 76ers, Elton Brand was 1-for-7 and only had three points in Wednesday’s loss. Brand played only 27 minutes due to a hamstring injury. For some reason, the “Brand” new power forward doesn’t seem to be working out in the Sixers favor. Philadelphia is now 8-11 for the season and has won only one out of their last five games.

Andre Iguodala had 19 points, and had begun showing a spark in his game when he scored 25 points in the Sixers win over the Bulls in Chicago. Andre Miller also had a great game, scoring 26 points against the Lakers.

Philadelphia has had a tough time with consistency from game to game, as well as holding on to leads when they trail by more than a dozen. It seems like an uphill battle that never ends. The 76ers are not the same team that they were at the end of last season and their turnovers continue to be high. They do not get into the open court as much, where they excel the most. The first two months of this season look like a reflection of last year’s beginnings, when they were 15-30 going into the month of January.

Since this is the season to be jolly, Sixers fans should be glad that Iguodala seems to be out of his slump and headed into the right direction. But, until Santa brings the Sixers a decent jump shooter, fans will be wishing for a lot more wins this holiday season.