Impact of the NBA Losing First 2 Weeks of Regular Season

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Impact of the NBA Losing First 2 Weeks of Regular Season
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On Monday night ESPN reported the first two weeks of the NBA season were officially lost. After negotiations continued from both sides, it appears a deal was not reached. 

Instead, the league has announced that all regular-season games schedule through Nov. 14 have been cancelled. 

Although this story will be covered nationally, we need to step back and consider the impact of losing the first two weeks. Because the first two weeks are lost, here is what may be forthcoming in the days and weeks to come for NBA fans and players.

More regular-season games will continue to get cancelled

The cancellation of the first two weeks only signifies how far apart both sides are. As a result, we should expect more regular-season games to continue to be cancelled. What hurts for fans the most was that the first week had many interesting matchups, including the Lakers vs. Thunder and Chicago at Dallas. Now that these games are cancelled, the next step is to view the following weeks starting from Nov. 15 and how those games can be impacted due to the lockout.

NBA players' anxiety will rise

The cancellation of the first two weeks also allows players to fully understand that the chances of a season even being played is in jeopardy. As a result, we may see players react as soon as this week to find other jobs overseas and secure themselves with other teams in case this lockout stretches until next year. 

Courts may get involved

The lockout appears to have gotten longer with this emerging news of regular-season games cancelled. If this continues, I would not be surprise if the courts decide to get involved to try and salvage an NBA season. The courts can also influence the outcome of the deal, which can affect both sides dramatically if they do not get a deal done. 

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