NBA Free Agents 2011: Most Gifted Offensive-Minded Guards Available

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IOctober 11, 2011

NBA Free Agents 2011: Most Gifted Offensive-Minded Guards Available

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    Although the NBA lockout is making it impossible for teams to sign free agents, that does not mean these players are not there. With this said, there are many gifted offensive-minded guards available in free agency.

    Many of these guards could make a big impact for teams that are in search of good offensive guards.

    Read on to see the most gifted offensive-minded guards available.

Honorable Mentions

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    Here are a few honorable mentions for the most gifted offensive-minded guards available.

    Sebastian Telfair

    Delonte West

    DeShawn Stevenson

    Earl Boykins 

12. Mario Chalmers

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    Mario Chalmers only scored 6.4 PPG last year, but he clearly wasn't supposed to be a key contributor on offense for the Miami Heat.

    There were three other people on the Heat who were supposed to do all of the scoring. However, if Chalmers was picked up by the right team, he would contribute a lot more on offense.  

    Chalmers is a great three-point shooter and he is even better from the free-throw line. 

11. Shannon Brown

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    Brown is a great finisher in transition who is known for his showcase dunks. 

    For a point guard who isn't very good at creating his own shots, 8.7 PPG last season was not bad at all.

    Brown may not be the most talented guard on the market, but his flashy dunks help him to be very explosive on offense.  

10. Aaron Afflalo

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    Afflalo had a career high in points last year with 12.6 per game. With an increasing role for the Nuggets, look for that number to go up next season.

    Afflalo is also an all-around good player. He averaged 2.4 APG and 3.6 RPG.  

9. Jose Juan Barea

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    At 6'0'', Barea is capable of taking it past defenders and making it to the hoop. He is a great bench player who can score in bunches. 

    Barea's offense off the bench was a key contribution to the Dallas Mavericks' title win last year.

8. Michael Redd

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    Michael Redd has barely played the past two seasons, but before that he put up more than 20 PPG. 

    Redd has battled injuries, but he still has a lot left in him. He may not be able to move like he use to, but he is a great shooter who can score from anywhere on the court. 

7. Tracy McGrady

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    McGrady was once one of the best players in the NBA, but just like Michael Redd, he has been plagued by injuries. 

    McGrady is not the same scorer he once was, but he is still a great playmaker and an outstanding shooter. With the right role, McGrady can be half of the player he once was.

6. Rodney Stuckey

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    Stuckey has a great ability to score the ball and his 15.5 PPG is proof of this. 

    Stuckey has some work to do to be a better point guard, but his scoring ability is just about as good as any guard in the league. 

    His talent has really been overshadowed by playing on a team as bad as the Detroit Pistons. 

5. Marcus Thornton

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    Thornton was not having that great of a career by any means with the New Orleans Hornets. 

    However, after being traded to the Sacramento Kings, Thornton really shined. In the last 27 games of the season, Thornton averaged 21.3 PPG.

    Thornton is an excellent scorer to say the least.  

4. Nick Young

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    Nick Young is a one-dimensional basketball player. However, that one dimension comes in scoring points.

    Young averaged 17.4 PPG last season. He is great from the three-point line, and anywhere else on the court for that matter. 

    Young is hardly a team player, averaging only 1.2 APG, but he makes up for it by being a tremendous scorer. 

3. Jason Richardson

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    Richardson is one of the best dunkers in the game. Not to mention, he is a great scorer. He has become more of a three-point shooter in the past year, but he is still capable of beating his man and taking the ball to the hoop.

    At age 30, Richardson is becoming one of the best shooting guards in the game and he would easily start for any team. 

    Richardson is an amazing scorer and he is one of the most fun dunkers to watch in the game. 

2. Aaron Brooks

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    Brooks is a great three-point shooter who has the ability to put up big numbers. 

    With some time, Brooks can become a franchise player. Brooks may need some work on his point guard skills, but when he flips the switch, he is as good as any point guard in the league at scoring. 

1. Jamal Crawford

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    Jamal Crawford was the best player to come off of the bench in the NBA last season. When he was on the court, the Atlanta Hawks were a much better offensive team.

    Crawford can create his own shot and he is capable of shooting over most defenders. He is also a great ball-handler.

    With his great offensive skills, Crawford is one of the most attractive free agents this year.