Corey Brewer Is Lost for the Year: Will Anyone in Minnesota Notice or Care?

Joe M.Correspondent IIDecember 1, 2008

So the Minnesota Timberwolves' Corey Brewer is lost for the year.

The only problem is will anyone notice—or better yet, care?

Its like the old adage: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Only this time, it can be said, if Corey falls on the court and no fans are around to see it (MN is 25th in the league in attendance and shrinking fast), does anyone really care?

Brewer, just one of three 2007 Florida Gator busts behind Joakim Noah and ahead of Taurean Green, actually has the unfortunate distinction of being the highest drafted (sixth overall) of the dubious trio. He is currently seventh on a 12-man putrid team in scoring at just over six—count 'em, six—points a game (6.2).

Couple this with his worthless 1.7 assists per game and steady (for his position) 3.3 rebounds per game, and it's easy to see yet another example of how a franchise with only two viable first-round picks in their history—Kevin Garnett (1995) and Wally Szczerbiak (1999)—got jobbed in the process.

One could argue that Brewer is just a victim of unfornutate circumstance. One could argue that Brewer is just another in a long line of busts. What one shouldn't argue is for his option years to be picked up.

This year conveniently marks the expiration of the guaranteed portion of this contract—and god forbid each (or one) of his two option years are picked up.

Not only does this add to his latest setback, but his numbers have actually regressed from last year. Points, rebounds, blocks, free-throw percentage, and minutes are all substantially down.

The best the Wolves can hope for is the next Bruce Bowen—translation: horrible offensive player, solid defensive player. That is the best-case-scenario path I see Brewer's career going—provided some other team wants to take that chance. That is also the spin I expect the Timberwolves front-office brass to use to sell this mistake-of-a-draft-pick to the fans, should they foolishly re-sign him.

That, and his "leadership" and "locker-room presence"—you know, the usual Minnesota spin. Its time to cut their losses and move on, and pray they don't continue down this all-too-familiar path.

Oh, and Randy Foye, if you aren't on notice, you should be. You are following down the same slippery slope of disappointment.