Devin Harris is a Potential MVP so far this Season

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

So far this season, many point guards have been the talk of the NBA.  From Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets, to Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, and many others as well. The "one-guard" has been a huge factor in the success of many of their teams so far this season. 

More often than not though, somehow, someway, Devin Harris, the point guard of the New Jersey Nets is nowhere to be found in this discussion, and this, simply put, is a sin. 

Look at what the man is doing this season.  Averaging 23.5 points per game, Harris is carrying the Nets. In addition, he is making Vince Carter, who is just behind him in the NBA scoring race, so much better than he already is. 

He has the Nets at 9-7 through 16 games.  Almost 1/5th of the way through the season, he has the Nets in second place behind the Boston Celtics in their division, and ahead of teams that were supposed to be ahead of them, such as the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Toronto Raptors. 

It is safe to say that the Nets, even though they have holes on their roster, could make a playoff appearance, and going into the season, many thought that the Nets would have the best chance in the NBA Draft lottery of acquiring the first overall pick by virtue of the worst record in the NBA. 

What Harris is doing currently is remarkable, and as a result, his name has to be in the early MVP discussion. 

Yes, Chris Paul is going out and getting 20 points and 10 assists as if it is a walk in the park.  His team is underachieving as of now though. 

Yes, LeBron James has his team reaching new heights early in an NBA season, but his cast of supporting players is actually NBA worthy now. 

Finally, Dwayne Wade is leading the league in scoring, but as of now, his supporting players are far more talented than most of the players that one can currently find on the Nets roster. 

In addition, Harris is doing what the team needs during any given game. 

If they need him to score, he is there filling up the nets (ask the Phoenix Suns, who Harris dropped 47 on). 

If they need him to pass the ball off, he is dropping dimes with frightening assist totals. 

If they need him to run the tempo of the game, he is doing what he has to in order for the Nets to win. 

If they need him to play defense, he is shutting down some of the best point guards in the game. 

You get the idea.  Harris is as flexible as gumby early on in this NBA season. 

Yes, there are 66 games left to play, and anything can happen down the line. If the rest of the season goes this way though, Harris has to be an MVP contender. 

Replacing the legendary Jason Kidd in New Jersey, he has the Nets to points where they thought they would be five years from now at best. 

This has the Nets thinking of keeping the roster that they have in place for the rest of the season, and possibly as buyers towards the trade deadline, instead of a team that was poised to have a fire sale before the first tip off of the NBA season. 

Simply put, Harris has the Nets contending with his amazing overall play up to this point, and this was not supposed to happen this season. 

As a result, in the eyes of this writer, if the award was handed out today, Devin Harris should win the MVP of the NBA hands down.