Kobe Bryant to Italy Rumors: 5 Things He Should Do During NBA Lockout Instead

Joshua SextonSenior Analyst IIOctober 4, 2011

Kobe Bryant to Italy Rumors: 5 Things He Should Do During NBA Lockout Instead

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    While nothing has been confirmed, there are rumors gaining momentum of Kobe Bryant going to play basketball in Italy during the current NBA lockout.

    There is no doubt basketball fans, especially Kobe fans, would love getting their “fix” keeping up with the Mamba’s happenings in Italy, but it may not be a good idea for Kobe to do so. After all, Lakers fans can count the quality seasons Kobe has left on one hand.

    That’s not to say Kobe should do nothing during the lockout. Here are five things he should do instead of playing in Italy during the current work stoppage.

5. Ease the Fans’ Minds Concerning the Future of the Lakers

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    Kobe Bryant could do this whether he goes to Italy or not. Thus far, though, he has more or less taken a neutral stance on the hiring of Mike Brown as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers (maybe he is scorned because the team supposedly didn’t talk to him before hiring the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach).

    Fans have been anything but confident about Brown being hired as Phil Jackson’s successor. While this isn’t 100 percent due to Kobe not showering Brown with praise, one would be silly to think it doesn’t play a role.

4. Rest His Aching Body

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    Not only is Kobe Bryant’s body getting older, but he has also been nursing injuries to his foot, finger and knee the last couple of seasons.

    Instead of risking making these injuries worse or suffering new ones, Kobe should take advantage of the extra time off he could potentially have if the lockout shortens the regular season.

3. Organize Team Workouts

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    As I mentioned earlier, Kobe would be wise to take any extra time off by resting his ailing body, but it may not be a bad idea to organize some team workouts during what looks like it is going to be an extended offseason.

    A few weeks back, there were reports of the Philadelphia 76ers organizing team workouts on the campus of UCLA. While it may not make sense for a veteran-heavy team to play basketball during the lockout, it would at least give fans something to get excited about while David Stern and Dwyane Wade are busy screaming at one another.

2. Spend Some Time with His Favorite Sidekick

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    Remember that terrible slump Pau Gasol went through during last spring’s postseason? I am sorry to bring up painful memories, but unless Gasol’s mind is back to basketball, the team is going to struggle mightily to get back to the NBA Finals.

    While there is no reason to think Gasol’s slump will bleed into next season, especially given his stellar performance in this summer’s FIBA competition, maybe the two Lakers superstars should get together for a little powwow to make sure they are both ready to start dominating the NBA again.

1. Be More Active in the Labor Negotiations

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    Does Kobe Bryant have the power to waltz into a labor meeting, wave a magic wand and have the players and owners all come to agreement on a new CBA? No.

    But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have arguably the face of the league and one of the greatest players of all time make an appearance.