The Hawks Fly Together Over Bucks

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst INovember 27, 2008

I wanted to make some reference to The Mighty Ducks movie and say something snappy about the Hawks getting a win and Gordon Bombay couldn't even help us, but lets face makes no sense. So instead I went with a quote that the Ducks used, "Ducks fly together." This still doesn't make sense, but lets just go with it, OK?

The Bucks traveled to Atlanta on Turkey-Day Eve, where they were beaten 102-96. Atlanta(9-5) held on to win even though the Bucks (7-10) made several attempts during the game to try and grab the lead.

It was a common theme during the game, the Bucks would go down by 10 then would claw back to even and then would seem to run out of steam and allow the Hawks get back their lead. Ramon Sessions played key minutes off the bench scoring 21 points on 9-15 shooting while acquiring eight assists and seven rebounds. What you don't believe me well here is the Box Score then.

A quick look at the game stats show the Bucks and Hawks were nearly even in all statistical categories. The one stat that really stood out, and you could definitely get a sense of it during the game, was the amount of three pointers the Hawks hit in comparison to the Bucks. Atlanta hit eight more treys than the Bucks showing where the perimeter defense broke down some tonight.

Jefferson added 25 points and CV had 19 off the bench which was encouraging to see. I know I sound like a broken record, but Charlie Bell just cannot do the same things Redd can do on the floor. This team needs Redd back in a bad way. Michael Redd is like Adam Banks. Would the Ducks, Team USA, or the JV team at some Prep-School be able to do any real damage without him. Think about it.

The Bucks play at (9-5) Detroit on Friday night 7 pm. No worries the game will be on FSN.

TBC's Buck of the Game: Ramon Sessions. Lets go with Ramon for his stellar bench contributions.

(AP photo by John Amis)