The Best Reasons To Be Thankful for Utah Sports

Dustin JohnsonCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

It that time of year that we should all be giving thanks as sports fans. I could go on and on about all the things I am thankful for:

Turducken (that's a Chicken stuffed in a Duck stuffed in a Turkey and then slow cooked mmm mmm), my family, a new season of Ghost Hunters, Megan Fox, The Dark Knight on blue-ray, a Jeff Dunham Christmas special, and other things...but I digress.

The real reason for this article is to give my list of things to be thankful for about the State of the State of Utah Sports. The reasons are many, varied, and cover most of the sports teams in Utah...



Even the most vehement of BYU fans need to be thankful for 12-0!

The Utes are now sitting back and waiting for that automatic BCS bid. Oh and BYU fans your program will now be getting a cool million for your sports programs. Ute fans your team get dos million.



Let's all give thanks that we can still field a starting five! Honestly with as many injuries these Jazz have endured let's be thankful the team is 10-6. Give thanks for Jerry Sloan being the backbone of this team. Without his steady influence this team might have fallen apart with everything they have been through.

A great big thanks goes to the bench of these Jazz. AK, Milsap, Price, Korver, Knight, and Kosta have stepped up big time in the absence of some key Jazz players most notably D-Will, Booz and Harpring.



Let's all give thanks for Bronco Mendenhall. Glory has been restored in Provo. Yes I know all you Cougar crazies are down in the dumps from the big loss to Utah, but look on the bright side of life:

You're 10-2 and going bowling.This team will be ranked to start next season due to their returning starters on offense. In effect this will lead to another BCS run and duel with your rival Utah.

Next give thanks for Lee Cummard's decision to not enter the NBA draft last year and return for another season of Y basketball. He will be the MVP of the MWC this season—mark my words.



Um, let's see, there has to be something here, I know there is, must be, oh yeah the Football team won two games this year and then fired Brent Guy. Not that Guy is a bad well guy but it was time for a change. On the other hand Stew Morrill and the basketball team are the one thing every Aggie fan gives thanks for.

Look for another 20 win season and possible NCAA Tournament berth.



Okay first all of us Wolverine fans need to give thanks that this is the last year on division one probation.  Next year the Wolverines will be eligible for postseason play and finally be part of a conference instead of an independent.  On top of that give thanks for two UVU players.

One current player in Ryan Toolson who is lighting up opposing defenses so far this year averaging 29 points per game. The is alum Ronnie Price who has been filling in admirably for the injured Deron Williams for the Utah Jazz.



Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks. This is the only Utah football team with a chance at a national championship. 

The No. 1 Badgers play No. 2 Butler Community College on Dec. 6th in the Top of the Mountain Bowl for the National Championship. This game is a rematch of last years championship game against these same two teams. GO BADGERS



Utah's only other major league sports team finally made the playoffs.  



It is ski season in Utah once again. Thanks for Utah's ski resorts for allowing us to ski on the greatest snow on earth.


I sure there are more sports items in Utah to be thankful for but I am tired and can't think of them right now. Whatever I missed please please please comment on it below.

One thing I am not thankful for in Utah sports is adult recreational baseball leagues. My reasoning is simple. I blew out my knee in the first game of the season and now I can't ski until next year.

Adult Baseball League Registration Fee $85, Season Ski Pass $325, Knee Surgery $12,679, Inability To Use Ski Pass...PRICELESS.


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