Cleveland Cavaliers: 5 Possible Free Agent Targets for 2012

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterSeptember 27, 2011

Cleveland Cavaliers: 5 Possible Free Agent Targets for 2012

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    In the Summer of 2012 the Cavaliers total team salary will see a dramatic decrease. 

    With Antawn Jamison no longer under contract and Baron Davis facing an early termination option on his deal, Cleveland could be looking at as much as $30 million in salary cap space, depending on where the cap is set under the new collective bargaining agreement.

    While the class of 2012 won't hold a candle to 2010, it does offer some intriguing players, especially ones coming off rookie deals.

    Which of these restricted and unrestricted free agents could help the Cavs?

    Let's take a look at the best available five.

Roy Hibbert, Pacers

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    Free Agent Type: Restricted

    Hibbert is a former Georgetown star who seems to get progressively better each year.

    His size is the first thing you notice. He is a true 7'2" center who set career highs in points (12.7), rebounds (7.5) and blocks (1.8) per games last season.

    The knock on Hibbert has been his low rebounding numbers for his size, and for an overall lack of intensity when on the court.

    The Pacers are likely to resign him, but with such a young roster and players like Darren Collison, Paul George, Tyler Hansbrough and others also looking for extensions, it will be interesting to see where Indiana looks to spend their money.

    The Cavaliers desperately need size and a true center, and Hibbert could satisfy both needs for Cleveland.

O.J. Mayo, Grizzlies

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    Free Agent Type: Restricted

    Mayo has seen his role shift from "go-to-scorer" to "go-to-the-bench". 

    As it is unlikely that the Grizzlies will match any big offers for him, the Cavaliers could possibly get Mayo at a reasonable price.

    He's still young (23) and has proven to be an excellent scorer in the league.

    With Irving playing the role of distributor and team leader, all Mayo would be counted on to do is put the ball in the hoop, which is exactly what he does best.

    Sounds like a nice backcourt combo to me.

Chris Kaman, Clippers

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    Free Agent Type: Unrestricted

    He's not the prettiest player to look at, but Chris Kaman is actually pretty productive when healthy.

    Kaman had his best season in 2009-2010, putting up 18.5 points and 9.2 rebounds per contest.  Numbers like this would certainly be welcome on a Cavaliers squad looking for more production out of the center position.

    It's tough to predict what Kaman would command on an open market.  A lot will depend on how he performs this season, as the former Central Michigan star will turn 30 in April. 

    Somewhere along the lines of a three-to-four year deal at $7-9 million a year could be expected.

    The Cavaliers should definitely take a look.

Javale McGee, Wizards

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    Free Agent Type: Restricted

    McGee is the Wizards' rising star center, a freak athlete who can block shots and throw down dunks with the best of 'em in the league.

    Last year he set career highs in points (10.1) rebounds (8.0) and blocks (2.4) per game.  With one more standout season, he'll definitely increase his value as a restricted free agent.

    Washington has money committed to Andray Blatche and will have to field extensions for Nick Young this offseason and John Wall in the near future.

    If the Wizards make McGee priority number four, look for a team like the Cavaliers to throw some big money at the young center.

Eric Gordon, Clippers

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    Free Agent Type: Restricted

    It's hard to believe the Clippers would let Gordon walk, but hey, it's the Clippers.

    Gordon would be an excellent backcourt teammate for Kyrie Irving, and together would form one of the best guard combos in the league.

    Going into his fourth year in the NBA, Gordon poured in a career high 22.3 points and 4.4 assists a game last season.  At only 22 years old, look for Eric to only get better. 

    He won't get a max contract, but should come close to receiving a similar deal.

    If L.A. decides once again to get cheap, Cleveland should make an offer.