Nets News!

JerseySenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

Look at that. My title consists of two words whose difference consists of one mere letter. Whaddaya know. If someone on Bleacher Report tried to edit the title, I will... I don't know, but I will definitely change it back, and your editing will be for naught! Ha!

At least on my blog, no one can change my titles for me.

Anyway, on to Nets news! Three itty-bitty stories today, none of which is deserving of its own post, so they're all lumped into this one. Goodie.

1. Lawrence Frank is PISSED OFF. Oh man! As we all know, my boy Eddie J was fired by the Wizards of Washington yesterday (and I'd love for the Nets to pick him up, even as an assistant).

But the firing was not exactly lauded by everyone (sure, some found it acceptable, but others felt he was just a fall guy, and the firing was unjustified), and it certainly didn't please Larry. As we all know, Frank and Jordan worked together as assistants under Byron Scott during the really-good-era.

Anyway, a couple of thoughts on this: first of all, the Nets probably won't replace Frank with Jordan, despite my hopes and dreams. There's a personal connection between the two and they are close friends. It'd be like a guy dating his friend's ex. Not cool.

Also, Lawrence Frank angry is hysterical because he's just so damn tiny. But whatever. If Jordan does feel close to Frank and the Nets, maybe he does join our staff this year.

2. Stromile Swift has a charity fund? Apparently so. The Nets themselves had a Thanksgiving charity event, then Jarvis Hayes' charity fund (he has one too?) followed up with an event of its own. Now Swift's foundation is in on the act as well. Who knew?

3. Marcus Williams wants out of Golden State! The Nets bailed on their former first-rounder over the offseason and the move wasn't exactly heralded at the time. While his defense was non-existent, Williams had shown some abilities on O and many fans felt the Nets should try to let him pan out.

He had been considered a HUGE steal when they drafted him (Chris Douglas-Roberts, anyone?), but the Nets never did give him a chance. Hell, Frank even put Darrel frikkin' Armstrong ahead of him in the rotation. Anyway, despite some disappointment, the Nets shipped him to the Warriors for a pick.

Well, Marcus is playing prima donna out in Cali, and is now demanding a trade. Seriously? Marcus Williams? What clout does this guy have? Who is he to demand a trade? (Inside joke alert: Maybe the Warriors can deal him for Devean George).

Well, I bet the Nets are glad to have this headache off their hands. The yet-to-be-drafted pick hasn't complained one bit so far.