Wale Lashes Out at Skip Bayless...When Will LeBron James Face Him on First Take?

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IISeptember 20, 2011

Skip Bayless vs. LeBron James on ESPN First Take is a must-see face-off.
Skip Bayless vs. LeBron James on ESPN First Take is a must-see face-off.

Two weeks into the NFL season, ESPN First Take decided to call upon Wale to shed some of his wisdom on the Redskins season thus far. He called them a 9-7 team, before giving them one more win later on in the conversation to "10 and something." Skip Bayless sat at the opposite end of the table and was ready to fire back at any of Wale's statements, especially when the conversation turned to the subject of LeBron James. 

Skip Bayless was dubbed as "the number one hater on cable" the night before on Wale's official Twitter account. Last week, he called Chris Bosh "soft" to his face and ripped him apart for not performing as well as people thought he would. Wale stepped up to the plate to defend his friend, LeBron James. 

Wale made a point that LeBron James should be applauded for making the NBA Finals. Skip Bayless countered by saying that Dwayne Wade should be given credit for leading the team there. Wale said that Dwayne Wade already won a championship and it was because of help from Shaquille O'Neal. 

Skip Bayless caught him in his tracks after the panel pointed out that LeBron had the same opportunity when he was teammates with Shaq in Cleveland. He went for a kill shot by bringing up the fact that in the Finals, James went from "the Chosen One to the Frozen One."  Wale had no defense but to say that LeBron should be given credit for making the Finals. 

It was noted in the show that LeBron James has said he would be willing to go on ESPN First Take. He seems to be the only person that should go on the show and defend himself against Skip Bayless' criticism. Chris Bosh was torn apart and Wale made little to no sense. 

LeBron James should act soon and confront his biggest hater, before he wins a championship. Skip Bayless will only have ammo on the Miami Heat star as more failed attempts for the NBA Finals Championship ring occur. 

Here is the video from ESPN First Take as Wale takes on Skip Bayless.