NBA: The Meaning of the Word “Overrated”

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NBA: The Meaning of the Word “Overrated”
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A lot of fans become offended when their favorite players are labeled “overrated” by fellow fans. To many people, the word “overrated” and the word “suck” are synonymous.  

Being overrated by definition implies that a player is getting more recognition than he deserves. It does not necessarily mean that this certain player “sucks.” A player can be good, and get more recognition than he actually deserves.

Whatever the case may be, saying that a player is overrated and underrated is something opinionated rather than something factual. For instance, I believe that Allen Iverson was an overrated player. Others might feel that he deserved all the attention he got.

Although I believe that Iverson was overrated, that does not mean I think that he’s a garbage player. I actually believed that he was a top player in his prime, but just not the best, and got a lot of undeserved recognition. Others might disagree with my view.

This overrated and underrated debate has no right or wrong answer, every single fan has a different list of players whom they consider overrated and underrated.  

Some might consider LeBron James an overrated player, some might feel that Kevin Durant is an overrated player, others feel that Kobe Bryant is an overrated player while others might feel Blake Griffin is overrated. That does not imply that these people think that those stars are no good.

Since this topic varies from every individual, it would be a waste of time arguing who is overrated and who is underrated, since these are just opinions, and nothing factual. 

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