You Can't Fire the Players, So Eddie Jordan Has To Take the Fall

Joe WillettSenior Writer INovember 24, 2008

Eddie Jordan has taken the Wizards to four strait playoff seasons, but as soon as things have started to go wrong, Jordan was fired. 

Thanks to his 1-10 start, Jordan has become the second coach fired already in this early season.

For the last three seasons, the Wizards have lost to the Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs, with a combined 4-12 record over those past three series and an 8-18 playoff record in his entire tenure with the Wizards.

The firing comes on the heels of the astonishing loss to the New York Knicks 122-117, where the Knicks were playing with just seven players at the game after trading their top two scorers but still were able to drain 16 three-point shots.

Ivan Carter, who broke the story for the Washington Post, said on ESPN this morning that "this was a classic case of 'you can't fire the players.'"

To this point, Jordan was the longest tenured coach in the Eastern Conference and behind just Jerry Sloan (Utah Jazz) and Greg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs) for the longest tenured coach in the NBA.

Gilbert Arenas has made comments of the team being this bad all season and relying on a first overall pick to bring them back up in the next seasons, which raises the question, have other players already given up on the season?

The Wizards have been playing shorthanded, Gilbert Arenas has yet to play this season and likely won't be back until January at the earliest after signing a $111 million contract and starting center Brendon Haywood is out for about three months with a wrist injury, but the higher-ups in the Wizard organization felt the need for a change.

Ed Tapscott, director of player development for the Wizards, is reported as the man who will take over the Wizards beginning with today's practice.  Tapscott has been traveling with the team and acting as an extra assistant coach for most of this season and knows the players well.

Assistant coach Mike O'Koren was also fired this morning along with Jordan and Randy Ayers will take over that position of top assistant coach.

The Wizards have been playing with only Antwan Jamison to lead the team, and having to rely on younger players like Nick Young and Javale Lee.

"As long as we continue to work hard and continue to believe that we can turn things around, it makes my job easy," said Jamison. "When guys stop playing hard and giving their all is when it becomes difficult for me, but this is a learning curve."

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