Michael Jordan: What If MJ Had Taken His Talents to Boston in 1994?

Mike B.Correspondent ISeptember 12, 2011

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In October 1993, just four months after leading the Chicago Bulls to their third straight NBA title, a 30-year-old Michael Jordan stunned the nation by retiring from the game of basketball.

Jordan would later pursue a career in baseball, becoming an outfielder for the Birmingham Barons, a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

His time spent away from the NBA hardwood wouldn't last too long though, as he returned to the league in March 1995, ending his 17-month absence from basketball.

Jordan would eventually team with Scottie Pippen to lead the Bulls to another three titles from 1996-1998.

MJ came out of retirement to play in Chicago obviously, but if the Boston Celtics had their way, he would have sported green and white instead.

In July 1994, M.L. Carr, the Celtics' GM at the time, supposedly attempted to pry Jordan out of retirement to pair up with Dominique Wilkins, who the team had just signed as a free agent. 

Carr said that he had asked Bulls vice president Jerry Krause for permission to speak to Jordan and would give up a first-round draft choice to do so.

Krause denied that he ever had a conversation with Carr about Jordan and of course, Jordan never became a member of the Celtics.

But what if Jordan did end up coming out of retirement to play with 'Nique and co. in Beantown?

Well, Boston fans certainly would have been excited and wouldn't have been moping around about Celtic legend Larry Bird, who had retired in '92. Who cares about Larry Bird when you have Michael Jordan—the greatest player in NBA history—on your team instead?

All of a sudden, millions of people would have become major Celtics fans. And wherever you would have gone, you would have been sure to see green Jordan jerseys, which would have been pretty odd to witness.

Jordan probably would have worn his baseball number, 45, since his famous 23 is retired by the Celtics to honor Hall of Famer Frank Ramsey.   

It would have been interesting to see Jordan and Wilkins as teammates.

The two high-flying superstars duked it out in 1988 in perhaps the greatest slam dunk contest of all time. And both players are two of the league's best offensive weapons ever.

After only one year with the Celtics, Wilkins went overseas to play in Greece, before returning to the NBA in '96. But with Jordan as a teammate, he likely would have stuck around for a little while longer instead of leaving the country.     

Jordan, Wilkins and big man Dino Radja could have formed a solid trio in Boston, but would they have led the Celtics to any titles? Maybe, depending if role players like Rick Fox, Dee Brown and Eric Montross could have helped out enough.

Imagine how Bulls fans would have reacted if Jordan had come out of retirement to play in Boston. The entire city of Chicago would have been irate and just might have treated MJ like Cleveland treated LeBron James when he decided to "take his talents" to Miami. 

With MVP candidate Pippen leading the way, the Bulls won 55 games and reached the playoffs without Jordan in the 1993-94 season. But the team probably wouldn't have been able to stay competitive for much longer if Jordan had joined the Celtics.  

Jordan in Boston green might have meant that Krause would have broken up the Bulls much sooner than 1998. Pippen most likely would have been traded much sooner and head coach Phil Jackson definitely would have gone elsewhere. 

If Jordan went to Boston, it could have been a huge mess in Chicago. But as we all know, "His Airness" never donned a Celtics uni and made Carr look like the ultimate genius.

This is just another "what if" article written for the sole purpose of making you think.