So Many Warriors, So Little (Playing) Time, and Somebody Has to Go

Garlic boyCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

Oh what the 'Morrow brings.  A week ago, the Warriors nation was down and out.  A 107-102 loss to the Pistons, the team once again wilting down the stretch.  At 3-6, with two losses to the Grizzlies and a two game losing streak it wasn't a question of a being a lottery team, but who to pick in the lottery. 

Fast forward one week and the Warriors are riding a two game win streak behind the shooting of UDRFA Anthony Morrow and the Warriors are 5-6 and are currently holding onto the eighth seed in the West.

Currently the Warriors have three wings signed for five years or longer Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson, and Monta Ellis whose expected back in roughly two months. 

They have two young shooting guards in Anthony Morrow and Kelenna Azubuike both capable of scoring roughly 20 a game, a young back-up PG in CJ Watson who seems to be improving every game and a possible future superstar small forward in do-everything-but-pass Anthony Randolph. 

In short, one of our long term contract wings has to go.   Some will say Jackson, but he just signed long term and ownership and teammates love him and he's going nowhere. 

That leaves Monta and Maggette.  Maggette is good, but Monta can be great.  Maggette is solid on and off the court.  He's a hard worker who definitely spends some time in the weight room.  He scores 20 a game and is our best Free throw shooter and could be the best wing PF to every play under Nellie. 

Unfortunately, the emergence of  Azubuike and Morrow and their cheap contracts makes Maggette expendable.  However, if Monta Ellis is not the same player he once was, look for Monta to be traded or his contract to be voided by Rowell and co.

That said, who wants Maggette and where can he land and what do we want in return for him?  The trade scenario's and possibilities are endless.  What we want in return can be debated for hours on end by fans.  However, the most important factor is the bottom line and final say; finances and ownership.  In other words, an expiring contract or contracts. 

But why do we want nothing in return but a salary cap space?  Reason No. 1: Ownership would love to save money.  At the end of the day Warriors basketball is a business. 

Reason No. 2:  The Dubs have young players to play the wing spots: Morrow and Azubuike and notice I havent' even mentioned Belinelli and Nelson.

Reason No. 3: We need a Power forward.  David Lee, Paul Millsap, Brandon Bass, and Carlos Boozer are all free agents at the end of this season.  That's just off the top of my head, there could be others, but that is a solid short list.

It is important to note that Maggette is not eligible to be traded until sometime in December, and Monta is not expected back until the same time.  So look for a trade to happen in January after the new year and is contingent upon the continued stellar play of Morrow and a healthy return by Monta with all conflicts resolved.

Here are some trades that 1) work, money matches,  2) net the Warriors cap room/picks, 3) Involve players on the trading block: Marbury, Al, Stackhouse and teams looking to make a move, and 4) may involve other lesser players like Marcus Williams, Marco, Kurz, etc.

No. 1 Stephon Marbury and a pick for Al Harrington, Corey Maggette etc.  Will save the Knicks roughly $10 in luxury tax penalties this yr.  Could also involve other players/picks.

No. 2 Eddie Curry and Malik Rose for Al and Maggete.  I couldn't stand to look at Curry for three years.

No. 3 J-Kidd and picks for Al, Corey, etc.  Will also save the Mavs $10 mil, but I doubt Cuban would even look Nellie's way. 

No. 4 Three team trade involving the Mavs, Dubs and Knicks. 

Well, for those of you who want to play the young guys (we do have nine players with two years of experience or less), that inolves getting rid of one of our vets excluding Centers Biedrins and Turiaf.  Leaving Al (who's not playing and is definitely on the trading block), Jackson, Monta and Maggette. 

By default, Maggette has to go (preferably with Al) unless Monta is not Monta.  Getting rid of Al and Maggette for an expiring contract like Marbury would free up $20 million with which we could pursue Boozer, Millsap, David Lee, or Brandon Bass.  I would love to sign Paul Millsap for a cool $6 million per year for four to five years. 

I welcome your thoughts come at me with as much criticism, disdain, agreement, corrections (but not spelling this is not English grammar class and I never proofread for this kind of stuff) and trade scenarios.  I love trade scenario's.