NFL Odds: Setting Super Bowl Odds for All 32 Teams

Mike KernsCorrespondent IIISeptember 8, 2011

NFL Odds: Setting Super Bowl Odds for All 32 Teams

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    With the NFL season within striking distance and rosters finally appearing final, the folks in Vegas are placing their final odds on the 2011 season.

    Whether it is for bragging rights or if you plan on taking a chunk out of the savings account to get in on a long shot you're feeling good about, there are plenty of people checking the odds on a daily basis.

    But as of today, how is each team looking in its chances to go down in record books as a champion? We'll take a look now.

Arizona Cardinals

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 50 to 1

    It's the beginning of the end of the quick rebuild in Arizona since they have acquired a franchise quarterback in Kevin Kolb. They also did the smart thing in locking up Larry Fitzgerald before he even had a whiff at free agency. Losing Rodgers-Cromartie hurts, but replacing him with the top-rated corner in the draft in Patrick Peterson will help the sting.

    However, the Cards are not close to being able to compete in the NFC yet. But being in a weak division could see them squeak into the playoffs as a Wild Card in 2011. But don't expect them to make much noise after that.

Atlanta Falcons

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 12 to 1

    The Falcons start off the year with odds right about where you'd expect. They're a legitimate Super Bowl contender that actually improved on both sides of the ball over last year.

    If Julio Jones can help Matt Ryan take that step to the next level, I could very easily envision the Dirty Birds in Indy on Super Sunday.

Baltimore Ravens

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 13 to 1

    Every year I say that I can see Baltimore beginning to slide. And every year they prove me wrong by making a deep playoff run. It seems like they can never get past their nemesis Pittsburgh Steelers though.

    With the addition of Vonta Leach, Ray Rice could lead the league in rushing this year and Lee Evans will help Joe Flacco have that deep threat he lacked last year. The window hasn't closed on Baltimore, but their pieces aren't getting any younger. They are in win now mode and, like every year, they're a legit Super Bowl contender. 

Buffalo Bills

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 150 to 1

    At least it appears the Bills are starting to clean up their roster, regardless of their draft position, and cut some of the fat that has been useless.

    Make no mistake though, this will be another long year in the rebuilding process for Gailey and the Bills.

Carolina Panthers

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 200 to 1

    Cam Newton has his detractors and they've got legitimate reasons not to question the youngster. But he couldn't have gone into much better situations as a top overall pick. 

    Carolina has a great running game in Williams and Stewart that will help open up the passing game as Newton tries to adjust to the speed of the NFL. A long rebuilding year that could see the Panthers playing spoiler for the rest of the NFC South.

Chicago Bears

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 40 to 1

    I was surprised to see the odds being where they are for a team that was one close loss with a backup quarterback away from the Super Bowl in 2010. The problem is that they didn't improve as much as the rest of the NFC.

    The Eagles, Falcons and Saints all got better and the Packers are returning pretty close to the same team that won the Super Bowl last year. Many also questions Jay Cutler's ability to lead a team to a Super Bowl. I think the Bears have a better chance than these odds, but I don't see them being better than any of the teams listed above.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 200 to 1

    What can I say about the Bengals really? The Carson Palmer situation really put the team in a tough position. I like Andy Dalton, but think he'd of benefit more from watching Palmer for a couple of years and learned the game.

    Dalton and Green were two terrific draft picks and they could form a good duo this year, but outside of that I wouldn't expect too much fun in Cincy this season.

Cleveland Browns

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 60 to 1

    I've written in the past about how much I like Colt McCoy. I think he's a terrific leader and one of the toughest "smaller" quarterbacks out there. The fact that he is the unquestioned starter headed into the season speaks worlds about how much he has impressed the new coaching staff. A lot of people are skeptical of Peyton Hillis's breakout season last year and want to see him duplicate it before he is considered anything special.

    The Browns have a nice little nucleus going, but they are still a long way away from even competing in their division, much less the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 15 to 1

    While I do think the Cowboys have a bounce back season this year, I admit that I find those odds a little high. They have a ton of talent, to be sure, and I'm anxious to see what Jason Garrett can achieve in a full season. But they're in a tough division and it will be hard to make that kind of turnaround in one offseason.

    It all depends on if Dez Bryant continues to improve and if Tony Romo can improve after missing most of 2010 with injury.

Denver Broncos

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 60 to 1

    Let me start off by saying that I think hiring John Fox was about the smartest thing Denver could have done. He was highly successful in Carolina and I see no reason why he won't be able to duplicate that here.

    What he has going against him though is the ghost of Josh McDaniels. He set the organization back a couple of years with his poor personnel and drafting decisions and while Fox is a terrific coach, he isn't a miracle worker. At least not this year.

Detroit Lions

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 24 to 1

    Lions fans are feeling good because the remnants of the Matt Millen era are pretty much finally in the past. The team has built one of the best defensive lines in football and if Matthew Stafford can finally stay on the field, he has one of the best receivers in the game in Calvin Johnson to throw to.

    I think this is the year the Lions break through and make the playoffs, but they aren't quite ready to run with the upper-elite of the NFC yet. Still, they're headed in the right direction.

Green Bay Packers

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 6 to 1

    One thing that seemed to get swept under the rug because of the lockout and all the "Dream Team" hype is the fact that the Packers won the Super Bowl last year. Add to it the fact that they're pretty much returning the same team and they have to be considered at least the NFC favorites.

    The problem is that the parity in this league is so great that it is hard to repeat. But, I'm trying and I see no reason why Green Bay can't.

Houston Texans

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 25 to 1

    I've always thought that Houston was one of those teams that had a 12-4 offense and a 4-12 defense, which equals the .500 mark they usually finish up with. I've also thought that if their defense was just middle of the pack, their high-powered offense could take them to heights the franchise has yet to ever see.

    Enter defensive wiz Wade Phillips. With his defensive scheme and Gary Kubiak's offensive game plan, combined with a weakened division, the Texans could be considered a dark horse in the AFC. But I still think they're a year away from making that kind of noise. Make the playoffs first, which I believe they will this year.

Indianapolis Colts

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 20 to 1

    With the Manning situation being so confusing, I was kind of surprised to see the odds so high for Indy. But he isn't retired, therefore Vegas isn't going to lower them and let everyone jump on it. Then Manning has a triumphant return and people make a lot of easy money.

    Honestly, even with Manning from week one, I didn't see the Colts as a title contender this year. I didn't like how it seemed he held the team hostage with his contract situation and they didn't improve their run defense, which was atrocious in 2010. I don't think the Colts window has closed, but I do believe it's closing.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 60 to 1

    Wow, cutting your starting quarterback less than a week before the season? That just makes little to no sense. I know that Luke McCown is listed as the starter, but Blaine Gabbert will be playing before Week 8 this season.

    The odds above likely don't reflect the dismissal of David Garrard or I think they'd be lower. But any delusions of a trip to Indy on Super Sunday, which were low before this change, are certainly gone now.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 40 to 1

    After their remarkable turnaround in 2010, I fully expected the odds for Kansas City to be a little bit higher. Jamaal Charles looked ridiculous last year and Matt Cassel proved to be better than most thought he was.

    I think they're a better team than the odds seem to entail and Todd Haley is a terrific coach. But their schedule is tougher this year and people need to see it multiple seasons before they think you're for real.

Miami Dolphins

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 50 to 1

    After seeing some Dolphins games this preseason, I thought the odds would be lower than this. They have some good young pieces, but Chad Henne and Reggie Bush aren't the future.

    Just like the Bills, playing in the AFC East won't help them in what seems to be another .500 year that could equal the end for Tony Sparano. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 40 to 1

    It's hard to believe that just over a season ago this team was one ill-advised Brett Favre pass from heading to their first Super Bowl since 1977. But from the beginning of last year, the team just never could get it together.

    With the trade for Donovan McNabb, who is just keeping the seat warm until Christian Ponder is ready, the Vikings don't appear to be trying to contend with the rest of the stacked NFC North. The team still has a lot of young talent and Adrian Peterson is in a contract year, so look for them to be a potential spoiler for the Bears and Lions in the playoff hunt.

New England Patriots

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 5 to 1

    The early favorite to win it all and most experts overall pick headed into the season. The Patriots are a team that is just run so professionally that you expect to see them in contention every year. They have arguably the best quarterback in the league and the coach everyone loves to hate in Bill Belichick.

    As long as those two pieces are in place, New England will be a Super Bowl contender annually. I hate to be cliche, but I don't see anyone beating them this year.

New Orleans Saints

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 12 to 1

    Yes, they lost to the 7-9 Seahawks last year in the playoffs. But the defense was so decimated by injuries that I don't think we should cont that against a team that is great at home on a yearly basis. Bottom-line is that the Saints got better this offseason on both sides of the ball. Plus, they got healthy.

    Moving Reggie Bush and adding an every-down back in Mark Ingram is going to open up the play action game so much more for Drew Brees in 2011 that even the defending champion Packers are paying attention in terms of defending their conference crown. I could very easily see Sean Payton leading New Orleans back to Super Sunday. In fact, they're my pick for the NFC this year.

New York Giants

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 20 to 1

    If not for a meltdown against the Eagles last year, the Giants make the playoffs and the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers might have been sitting at home watching from their sofa. But no need to get hypothetical to prove that the Giants were a good team in 2010. 

    Eli Manning took a lot of flack for his "elite" comments in regards to himself, but when you've won a Super Bowl in the market known as The Big Apple, you're allowed to do things like that. While I think Eli lost some of his weapons on offense and the season-ending injuries to the secondary make it seem grim, the Giants could be an NFC dark horse this year.

New York Jets

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 12 to 1

    Although it will get me a lot of hate in the comments, I won't lie when I say that if he didn't play in New York the media would have called Mark Sanchez a bust already. I think he is a good game manager and he does find ways to win close games, but he just isn't the guy I see manufacturing a ninety plus yard drive in the games final moments against a stout defense in the playoffs.

    Rex Ryan, as much hate as the man draws out of fans around the league, is one hell of a motivator. In the end, the Jets have gone to back-to-back conference title games and logic would suggest they get over that hump this year. It's always possible, as teams with worse quarterbacks have gotten to the dance. But I can't see them beating the Steelers or Pats to get there. At least not as long as Mark Sanchez is running the show.

Oakland Raiders

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 60 to 1

    It may seem crazy, but I felt like the Raiders were on the right track last season. But once Al Davis fired head coach Tom Cable, he lost the team. The players were really starting to believe in Cable and their strong performance within the division last year suggested they had the key pieces in place to finally get out of NFL purgatory. But it remains to be seen how first time head coach Hue Jackson will get the Raiders to perform.

    Jason Campbell, who is an upgrade over JaMarcus Russell, played well last year but couldn't get the team in the end zone in close game situations. He'll have to do better to get Oakland back tot he playoffs. But I fear he doesn't have the tools to get them back to Super Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 7 to 1

    With great players and talent comes great expectations. It is no doubt that Philly had the best free agency period of any team out there and on paper they look like a juggernaut. But on any given Sunday, paper doesn't win games.

    The Eagles will be good, no doubt about it, if they're able to keep key pieces healthy. The offensive line has question marks and with Michael Vick's style of play, that isn't a good omen towards keeping him upright an entire season. Also, having an all-rookie kicker and punter could be concerning in high-pressure situations. Still this team has enough to get to the show off of talent alone.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 8 to 1

    Regardless of all the jokes and criticism of Ben Roethlisberger's character, the guy just seems to win close games. His combination of size and toughness with his ability to scramble in the pocket make him one of the best two-minute drill quarterbacks out there.

    As long as health doesn't factor in, Pittsburgh could definitely get another shot at taking care of their unfinished business in Super Bowl XLV. 

San Diego Chargers

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 13 to 1

    The Chargers seem to be the sexy pick to win it all every season, and just like every season before they come up short in the playoffs. But as long as you have Philip Rivers scorching NFL secondaries, they're always going to be a factor.

    I'm predicting an MVP season for Rivers with the return of Vincent Jackson for a full season and a healthy Antonio Gates. Could this finally be the year San Diego gets back to the big game? It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

San Francisco 49ers

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 50 to 1

    Honestly, with how terrible San Fran has looked in the preseason, I'm surprised their odds aren't lower than this. Their defense looks like it can't stop a leaky faucet and Alex Smith has been David Carr-like bad.

    We all knew it would be a rebuilding process for rookie coach Jim Harbaugh, but I don't think anyone anticipated them looking this bad. However, Harbaugh surely wouldn't mind an opportunity at reuniting with Andrew Luck in the NFL Draft next April. If the preseason has been any indication, he might have a shot.

Seattle Seahawks

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 80 to 1

    There are three people in the NFL that think Tarvaris Jackson is a starting quarterback in this league; Pete Carroll, Brad Childress and Tarvaris Jackson.

    For a team that had such a fun ride to end the 2010 season, this year may have quite a different ending. Seattle had a pretty good run in free agency and have several young players in place looking toward the future. But without a quarterback, you're going nowhere in the league.

St. Louis Rams

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 40 to 1

    Let me start off by saying that I like Sam Bradford a lot. I thought he would be good eventually, but I never expected him to develop so fast. With a couple of new receiving options and a new safety valve in tight end Lance Hendricks, there will be no sophomore slump for him.

    The Rams have a terrific nucleus and they're drafting well enough to win the pathetic NFC West, but they're still a couple years away from being a major player in the NFC. But they certainly have the foundation laid out towards the future.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 30 to 1

    It has to be tough to post a 10-win season only to get to watch the playoffs from your living room. Josh Freeman had a breakout season and many are already calling him a top 10 guy in this league. I think that's a little too high of a ranking for him, but he certainly has the tools to be one.

    The Tampa defense should keep the Bucs in a lot of games this year and put Freeman in position to win a lot of close games. However, being stuck in the NFC South will be their undoing. But I love what Raheem Morris is building here. They're young and they'll be players again in the near future.

Tennessee Titans

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 60 to 1

    Regardless of whatever Michael Lombardi is smoking in proclaiming that the Titans were the team to beat in the AFC South, I'm not buying it. Besides Chris Johnson, who has had zero in-game action so far, this team is going to be a disaster.

    Matt Hasselbeck is no longer the guy he used to be. He hasn't thrown more touchdowns than interceptions since 2007 and he has just looked old in preseason. I expect Jake Locker to take the reins by mid-season at the latest and the youth movement will be on towards a rebuild in Tennessee. 

Washington Redskins

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    2011 Super Bowl Odds: 100 to 1

    The fact that there was a quarterback competition between Rex Grossman and John Beck should tell you all you need to know about what is in store for the 2011 Washington Redskins. Head coach Mike Shanahan has done a decent job at building a competent running game, but little else.

    As much as I like the coaching staff he has put together, the team is still far off from being a contender. Another six win season could see the Redskins in the coaching hunt once again.