Derrick Rose: 5 Occupations the Reigning MVP Should Consider During the Lockout

Justin PedersenCorrespondent IIAugust 26, 2011

Derrick Rose: 5 Occupations the Reigning MVP Should Consider During the Lockout

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    As the reigning MVP of the league, Derrick Rose has the world at his fingertips.  Well-respected by peers and coaches alike, D-Rose has little to worry about these days.  With limitless potential and an unquestionable motivation, the 22-year-old Chicago native is never satisfied and is primed for success once the new season begins.

    There is only one problem though: Is there even going to be an NBA season?

    The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement (the CBA) is putting the 2011/2012 NBA season on hiatus.  The players and the owners are having difficult coming to terms on—you guessed it —money.  Owners also want to cut the salaries of players by one-third, and it is not surprising why the players disagree with that.

    The biggest issue with the NBA lockout is that it keeps players in the dark.  People like Derrick Rose need to know how and when the CBA can be resolved, because they are essentially jobless until there are resolutions.  And while it seems unlikely the reigning MVP is worrying about his financial situation, a vast majority of NBA players don’t have that same luxury.

    If the lockout stretches into the projected start of the NBA season (which it will), here are five occupations Derrick Rose should consider in order to help pay the bills.

1. Become a Certified Personal Trainer

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    One of the biggest assets to Derrick Rose’s game is his strength.  Rose can slash, drive and make his way to the basket with ease.  He often leaves a trail of defenders in his wake before throwing down a patented dunk. 

    It is not easy to elevate, change direction in mid air and gracefully score buckets at will—especially when the undersized Rose goes up against the best defenders in the game.  Yet he makes it look so easy by combining core, upper body and leg strength to produce at the highest level.

    Derrick prides himself on his work ethic, and you will find D-Rose spending hours in the gym during the offseason.  If the lockout continues, Derrick should certainly consider becoming a personal trainer and share tips with others who are dying to obtain the strength he possesses.

2. Continue to Endorse Numerous Products

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    As an MVP, Derrick has seen his popularity with the general public skyrocket.  And as every intelligent businessman knows, you must strike gold while it is hot.

    Rose is endorsed by Adidas, Wilson, Powerade and Skullcandy headphones.  Rose’s signature kicks from Adidas are some of the hottest shoes on the market.  It is great to see a local superstar plastered all over ads, billboards and commercials, as Rose is a terrific spokesman for the numerous products he endorses.

    Now that he is at the height of his popularity, Derrick Rose and his marketing team should heavily invest in new endorsement ideas.  With the combination of his on-court prowess and gentle demeanor outside of basketball, Rose is the perfect pitchman for any product.  The money generated would surely be a slam dunk.

3. Become a Certified Pilot

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    Derrick Rose is a high-flyer, and there is no arguing that.  Boasting a 40-inch vertical leap, the MVP looks like he can literally fly out the gym when he goes up for a dunk or a rebound.  The most exciting part of his game, Derrick Rose uses his freakish hops to embarrass opponents regularly.

    Being able to jump is only half the battle for Rose.  Derrick is able to elevate with a unique body control and grace.  Having that 40-inch vertical brings an extra dynamic to Rose’s game, and because he is able to stay in the air for so long and dictate where his body goes, he is able to pull off maneuvers that no other NBA player can replicate.

    Since Derrick is already used to flying in the air on a regular basis, how fitting would it be to see him working as a pilot during the lockout?  Although I foresee the Bulls organization not being too happy with this idea, the parallels are too fitting. 


4. Work as a Motivational Speaker

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    Athletes are role models to the public.  Society looks up to people they see on television, on billboards and in the magazines. So it is necessary to be conscientious of how the public perceives these athletes.  Yet, just like ordinary people, NBA players sometimes make mistakes or get in trouble. 

    Derrick Rose has been embroiled in controversy dating back to his high school years in Chicago and also while attending college.  Considering how dominant of a player Rose was back then, these types of actions often got overlooked.  Derrick Rose is fortunate he was able to smoothly guide through such controversies.

    Since Rose has made a few mistakes in his life, he knows how lucky he is to be where he is at today.  He is extremely influential being as young as he is, so Derrick would be an ideal motivational speaker.  Getting through to kids would be easy considering the popularity of the MVP.  Motivational speaking would be a great outlet for Rose to reach out to his community.

5. Play Overseas

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    The CBA lockout has distracted many NBA players and has caused quite the panic within the basketball community.  There is no clear-cut answer as to when this could end, so players are forced to figure out alternative options for their lives.  Imagine not knowing when you could go back to work and make a paycheck to support yourself.

    You ask every NBA player, including Rose, why they play the game of basketball, and most will say it is for the love of the game.  The players just want to play.  If they have options to do that—whether it is a recreational league, pickup ball or foreign clubs—NBA players will jump at those opportunities.  Derrick Rose needs to continue to play basketball by any means, because he is blessed with talents that nobody on this planet shares with him.

    Derrick Rose could just do what a majority of NBA players are likely to do and go play overseas.  The popularity of NBA basketball is strong among foreign fans, so what a treat it would be for them to see the world’s best playing in their cities.  As most NBA fans would rather see their stars stay put and see out this CBA, playing overseas can offer lucrative benefits for Derrick Rose.