All-NBA Team from UCONN...All Under 6'10"

Andrew OtovicContributor INovember 14, 2008

By reading the title, you're probably thinking, "Oh yeah sure, that's easy to do."

But if you sit down and think about it, UCONN has had both good guards AND good big men. Before looking at this list, consider Emeka Okafor, Jake Voskuhl, Hilton Armstrong, Clifford Robinson, Josh Boone, Charlie Vilenueva, and Bruce Kuczenski.

In that list, there is the best big man in UCONN history (Okafor), a bunch of All-Americans, First Team All Big East, and ALL NBA draft picks.

With all of them gone, I really had to think about a team that could be the second coming of Mike D'Antoni's Phoenix Suns. A team that can run, run, and run.

Only difference is my team will play defense. My team is focused on what will have very good chemistry and is not all about the ball. These players are all team players, and I will put this team up against any team in the NBA and this team could make a serious run in the playoffs. I'm not sure how far exactly, but definitely Conference Finals material.

My starting five is as follows. First will be PG and the last will be C.

Marcus Williams- He is my point guard, no questions asked. He knows how to run a team, looks for other peoples shots and has very good court vision. I like him to run my team.

Ray Allen- He is my go to guy on this team. If I need a big shot, or just a three in general, I want Allen taking the shot. He is also the captain of my team because he has outstanding leadership.

Caron Butler- What can you say about this guy? He is just a flat out beast. He is big, strong, can handle the ball, and knows how to play the game. You all see how he is doing as a second option to "Agent Zero" and that's exactly what he is on my team. Since Allen will be double teamed, Butler will have a lot of shots.

Rudy Gay- Athletic, a high riser, a very good passer, and can play in the post. Since he can dribble and is very athletic, he will be a serious mismatch problem at the 4 (PF) for any team. Oh yeah, did I say the guy can rebound, too?

Donyell Marshall- He is the tallest player on my team at 6'9". At the five spot since I am a run 'n' gun team, I do not expect much from him. Just play somewhat good defense and hit an occasional three pointer. I have four much better other options and that's all I need.

Bench- My bench will only be four maybe five deep.


Sixth man

Richard Hamiliton- Are you serious right now? I have an NBA All Star and World Champion coming off the bench? Yeah on this team I do. He will be the sub for Marshall. When this happens, Hamiliton plays the 3 while Butler and Gay move to the 4 and 5. All Hamiliton does for me is add another sweet J and damn good defense.


Seventh man

Ben Gordon- Seriously? Where does this stacked team end? Gordon is my backup guard, too, but will mostly be playing point. He is not much of a dribbler but he is my scoring threat off the bench that can drop 30 whenever needed. He is quick and can play D. Do you see why I said I'm the Phoenix Suns only my team plays D?


Eightth man

Scott Burrell- Remember him? He hasn't been in the league for a while but he was a solid role player back in the day. He is the Bruce Bowen to my team and during crunch time, he will be on the other teams best player. I do not need any sort of scoring from him. All I need is defense and hustle and he can definitely bring both of those.


Ninth man

Corny Thompson- I do need another banger on the team, in case Rudy, Donyell, or Caron get in trouble. He is an old school player who I need for rebounds if I play a big team or get in foul trouble. At 6'8" and 225, he can do the job for me. I like to think of him as a Danny Fortson type. Big body, tough to move.


So this is my team. I can get away with these nine. Especially with all the athleticism, slashing, scoring, and defending I have, I will be tough to beat.