NBA Power Rankings: Week Two

Michael GlaessnerCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

1. Los Angeles Lakers (7-0) (1)

By pummeling Houston at home and New Orleans on the road, the Lakers are asserting themselves as the team to beat in the early part of the season.


2. Boston Celtics (8-1) (3)

Losing Posey will not hurt the C's at all. Tony Allen has proven to be more than capable with extended minutes of performing all the intangibles that Posey brought to the team.


3. Cleveland Cavaliers (6-2) (8)

I still think they need a two-guard to compliment Mo Williams. Delonte and Mo won't get it done against teams with big, athletic guards.


4. Atlanta Hawks (6-1) (9)

Their confidence is growing with every win. Even a close defeat against the Celtics on the road has to give this young team confidence that they can compete with the elite.


5. Detroit Pistons (5-2) (2)

Having AI will be a one-year deal, but it still screws me in fantasy ball. Now where is Stuckey getting his shots from with AI on the floor jacking up his usual 25 to 30 a night?


6. Utah Jazz (6-2) (4)

Getting Williams back this early when his original diagnosis was two weeks has to be encouraging for the Jazz, who are already off to a strong start.


7. Houston Rockets (5-3) (6)

With Aaron Brooks off to a strong start, Houston's combination of Brooks-Alston is reminding me of Kenny and Cassell in the early '90s.


8. Phoenix Suns (6-3) (5)

They're still adjusting to Porter's coaching style and no one is being affected more than Nash, who just isn't his MVP self at a slower tempo where his defensive deficiencies are even more magnified.


9. New Orleans Hornets (4-3) (7)

Paul can't play a whole lot better than he is now, but his teammates need to step it up if the Hornets want staying power as a contender.


10. Orlando Magic (5-3) (12)

JJ Redick is complaining about PT again. I guess it's a lot harder when you have to shoot from a deeper three-point line with 6'6" athletes in your face without the benefit of moving picks...errr...screens on every play from Shelden.


11. Portland Trail Blazers (5-3) (23)

They really don't need Oden, so he can take his time healing. With Roy, Aldrige, and Fernandez carrying this exciting young squad, the Blazers may finally give their patient fans reason to hope.


12. Denver Nuggets (4-3) (20)

What is the point of trading for McDyess if you're just going to buy him out? A month later he'll be back with the Pistons, who just used his contract to get Iverson. I never understood why the NBA didn't outlaw this shady practice.


13. Indiana Pacers (4-3) (13)

TJ's doing fine...for now. Just wait about a month when he cracks like a China doll just like he's done everywhere else.


14. Miami Heat (4-4) (17)

Marion and Nash need each other. They've both gotten worse without the other since the trade.


15. New York Knicks (5-3) (22)

We'll see how long this lasts, but at least D'Antoni is making the Knicks exciting. As far as drafting the Italian with the bad back, he's still got some 'splainin to do.


16. Toronto Raptors (4-4) (10)

Jamario's fallin' off. Where are all the blocks, steals, and rebounds he was getting last year?


17. Philadelphia 76ers (3-5) (15)

They still haven't gotten the chemistry right. Dalembert and Igoudala seem to have regressed since Brand got there.


18. Milwaukee Bucks (4-5) (14)

Okay, he got his $60 million, he's still a 10-10 player, and he just got 17 boards against Duncan. Can we please stop calling Bogut a bust?


19. Golden State Warriors (3-5) (16)

I was counting on points from Maggette. I wasn't counting on those brittle hammies of his to give way.


20. Dallas Mavericks (2-5) (11)

Carlisle practices these guys six days a week? No wonder they're burned out at the end of games.


21. Sacramento Kings (4-5) (28)

JASON THOMPSON! The best player you've never heard of! I'm feeling I made a wise investment getting this guy off waivers.


22. San Antonio Spurs (2-5) (19)

Age and injuries are decimating the Spurs' roster. If they don't get Parker and Ginobili back fast, they could be sunk permanently.


23. Chicago Bulls (3-5) (18)

So, 14 ppg on 41 percent shooting? Nice job, Deng. Earn that $13 million!


24. Memphis Grizzlies (3-6) (21)

After hanging back-to-back 30s, Mayo just announced that ROY is a two-man race between him and Rose. Stay tuned for Beasley...


25. New Jersey Nets (2-5) (24)

The Nets' offense, anemic to begin with, is borderline anorexic without Harris.


26. Washington Wizards (1-5) (29)

I still say give it a couple more weeks, but Caron needs some help! This just isn't a good offensive team without Gilbert on the floor.


27. Charlotte Bobcats (2-5) (26)

MJ and only MJ would still think he could get something out of Eddy Curry. With Isiah gone, we need a new GM to bag on and I wanna be like Mike...I just don't wanna draft and trade like him.


28. Minnesota Timberwolves (1-6) (25)

In a couple years, the T-Wolves are going to seriously regret that Love-for-Mayo trade. He and Jefferson basically play the same position and neither is great on defense.


29. Los Angeles Clippers (1-7) (30)

Is it a coincidence that Kaman now averages fewer points since Baron took his ballhogging act to LA?


30. Oklahoma City Thunder (1-7) (27)

When I saw the team name on ESPN, I thought ESPN was covering CBA games. The Quad City Thunder might actually have more talent than them with Durant hurt.


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