Best Players in the NBA with No Jump Shot

Faizan Qurashi@@FaizanQurashiAnalyst IIAugust 20, 2011

Best Players in the NBA with No Jump Shot

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    Shooting is the first aspect you learn when you start playing basketball. So you would think that after reaching the NBA, you've put in thousands of hours of shooting and have nearly perfected the skill.

    Oops, Guess again.

    These players that I'm about to mention have made a career in the NBA with virtually no jump shot. They've perfected other parts of their game, but when it comes to their shooting, they'd rather turn the ball over than show the world their shooting abilities.

    So here are the best players in the NBA with virtually no jump shot. 


    Two rules

    1. No centers - Big men, especially centers, aren't expected to have a jumpshot since they're so freaklishly tall and always so close to the basket.

    2. The list is ranked based on worst player with no jumpshot to best player with no jumpshot. It's not rating them based on who has the worst jumpshot.  

10. Kenyon Martin

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    After playing over a decade in the NBA, Kenyon Martin still has no jumpshot whatsoever.

    It's amazing really to see how he's carved out an All-Star berth and over eleven seasons averaging 13.5 points and seven and a half rebounds, all basically with no jump shot. 

    In his earlier days, Martin would simply jump over his opponents and be so kind as to dunk it on their heads, but now since he's lost a lot of his athleticism, his scoring has dipped greatly.

    Come to think of it, I don't even know how Kenyon Martin finds ways to score with no jump shot or post game. 

9. Ronnie Brewer

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    The Bulls signed Brewer for his defensive abilites but hoped that he would be able to provide some sort of offense as the starting shooting guard. Lo and behold, Brewer became a complete liability on offense, and the starting SG spot was handed over to Keith Bogans. 

    Brewer suffered an injury in his earlier days, which forced him to adjust his jump shot, so it looks a bit awkward when he shoots. Still, no one thought it would be this bad.

    He averaged a pitiful 6.2 points per game last season with the Bulls. 

8. Tony Allen

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    Another wingman known for his defensive capabilites, Tony Allen cashed in on his stellar defense that helped lead the Celtics to an NBA championship, and he then took his talents to Memphis.

    Even when he was with the Celtics, Allen was absolutely a liability on offense. I mean, when you go from Ray Allen to Tony Allen, it's a world's difference in terms of shooting. 

    He picked up his offense a bit this season with the Grizzlies by averaging nine points a game, but by no means has he developed a jump shot. His career average of seven and a half points should indicate as much. 

7. Andre Miller

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    It's amazing to me how Andre Miller has lasted this long in the NBA with virtually no jump shot.

    He's going into his 14th season, and his jumpshot is just as bad as it was when he entered the league. Miller still finds ways to be effective as a floor leader with a career assist average of over seven a game. 

    However, Miller's offense is as average as it can get. Never once scoring over 17.0 points per game, Andre Miller utilizes his craftiness to get around his defenders and to the basket.

    His three-point shooting ability? Forget about it; Miller has an atrocious career three-point average of 20 percent. His offense involves a ton of floaters, pump fakes and craft layups. Miller has learned how to survive in this league without a jump shot. 

6. Shawn Marion

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    Yes, I know he's got a terrible looking jumpshot as well. But that's not the reason Marion is on this list.

    Well, it's part of the reason.

    Marion was actually a viable offensive option in his All-Star days with Phoenix, but he's past his prime and has completely lost whatever jump shot he had. 

    If you paid close attention to the finals this year, you'll see Marion never ever shot the basketball, unless the shot clock was running out. His entire offense was predicated on his drives to the basket, finished off by his ugly floaters.

    He's completely lost his three-point shot and averaged just over a dozen points a game. 

5. Corey Maggette

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    Maggette is another guy who finds ways to score even without being a decent shooter. He's one of the few players on this list that can surprisingly create for himself. He's physically built enough to drive into the paint and convert tons of layups and and-ones. 

    Maggette has averaged over 20 points per game more than three times in his career. Keep in mind, all this with virtually no jump shot. Maggette can't shoot the three, and prefers not to pull up and shoot over anyone. Instead, he's content to put his head down, drive to the basket and draw a foul for himself. 

4. Gerald Wallace

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    "Crash" has had himself quite a revitalized career after joining the Bobcats in his fourth season. He's a great hustle player, terrific rebounder and a decent scoring option. However, there's one problem: He can't shoot. 

    Wallace generates almost all his points off of rebounds, put backs and drives. He's a slasher who would rather turn the ball over than isolate himself and shoot a jump shot. He likes to play off the ball and is more than content to score his points that way than to shoot a jumper.  

3. Tony Parker

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    Yes, I realize Parker has dramatically improved his shooting since entering the league. But you can't disagree with the fact that Parker would prefer to drive the ball 99 times out of a 100 into a fully fledged defense than to be left wide open for a jumpshot. 

    It's just in his nature. It's why Tony Parker has one of the best floaters in the game. He thrives off of that, and that's the way he generates his buckets.

    Shooting is always a last option for Tony Parker. 

2. Rajon Rondo

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    It's amazing to me how much people over-hype Rajon Rondo.

    Don't get me wrong, he's a great point guard and an amazing playmaker, but the fact is that this guy, plain and simply, cannot shoot. He's got absolutely no jump shot and will gladly take up 23 seconds off the shot clock before he has to chuck a shot at the basket.

    With three hall of famers on his team, Rondo doesn't have to worry about the scoring, but once those three hang it up, the offense will have to come.

    Rondo can't rely on his teammates' shooting abilites forever. Defenses are more than happy to leave Rondo open and force a jump shot, as that would count as a successful defensive possession.

    Rondo needs to realize that he's going to reach his peak sooner rather than later until he develops a viable jump shot.  

1. Blake Griffin

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    I'm not worried about BG just yet. I mean he's only in his first season. But he gets the top spot on the list since he's the best player currently in the NBA with absolutely no jumpshot.

    It's more than known that Griffin got a lot of his points off of ridiculous dunks, nasty putbacks and jaw-dropping manuvers around the basket. 

    It's amazing how he was able to score 22.5 a game without a jumpshot. Come to think of it, I don't think I saw Blake Griffin shoot a jumper all season. That's scary to think. Once he develops a jumpshot, it's going to be over.

    The rest of the NBA has been warned.